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Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, US Markets, Emerging Markets, Education Reform: Here’s a sneak peak at our patron only content. After nearly 13 years of producing free content on this blog and youtube, we finally had to give in and start a patreon account at due to  persistent censorship and de-monetization issues. We also started a new maalamalama YouTube channel here, though I expect this channel to be censored and I don’t expect to be able to monetize this channel either.

In the meantime, although our patreon account is only a few weeks old, here is a list of the Patron only content already available to new skwealthacademy patrons, from newest content to oldest content (though the oldest is only a couple of weeks old). All of the below content is accessible to Patrons at the above link.

skwealthacademy podcast: After Its Surge Over $7,500, Where Does BTC Head From Here? And What’s in Store For Gold and Silver Prices After Persistent Summer Weakness?

In this podcast, just released on 19 July, I discuss bitcoin, gold, silver future price trends, the implication of the latest BTC price surge on prices for the remainder of the year, and the likely direction of gold and silver prices after this persistent summer price weakness (which I correctly predicted would happen in June and July).

skwealthacademy podcast: An Exploration of Confirmation Bias through the Syrian Conflict

In this podcast, I explore the concept of confirmation bias, to which all of us fall victim to various degrees, through the often emotionally biased lens of war and nationalism. Without understanding our vulnerability to confirmation bias and how this psychological weapon is used against us in financial markets, we will never be able to make intelligent investment decisions.

skwealthacademy podcast: What Are Plunging Emerging Market Stock Markets & Currencies Forecasting for the Future of Developed Markets?

In this podcast, I look underneath the surface and discuss what emerging market frailty in 2018 is predicting for the future of developed markets.

skwealthacademy article: Understanding Why Bitcoin Has Lost 70% of Its Price This Year

This article, was released to patrons, of course when BTC was challenging the $6,000 resistance level. This very lengthy article explores all the reasons, often never challenged and almost never discussed anywhere in the mainstream media, for BTC’s decline from its high of $20,000.

skwealthacademy podcast: Two Questions that Illustrate the Flaws of Modern Schooling

This is a look at the real mission of institutional academics that originated due to the need of industrialists for obedient worker to fill their factories during the Industrial Revolution, and the evolution of the institutional classroom setting to still fulfill this need, but in a setting in which the factories have transformed into warehouses, manufacturing plants, and global corporate offices. I discuss how critical thought has been stripped out of the classroom in this podcast.


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