Month: September 2010


On the Edge with JS Kim

Sorry for the delayed posting but here is my recent appearance on Max Keiser’s “On the Edge” below. On the Edge with JS Kim, Part 1 Click the read more link to watch the final 2 videos in this 3…


How Gladiator Culture Creates a Brain-Dead Citizenry

Below is Episode 09 in my wealth education series Financial Armageddon to Freedom. In this episode, I address how today’s gladiator culture is deliberately used to dumb down the masses and prevent us from examining truly important issues that affect…


Sell US Real Estate, Buy Physical Gold and Physical Silver

Reality is the great antidote of hope. Whenever my colleagues and friends ask me for my global economic outlook, by the time I’m done, they always provide a cheeky response about the depressing nature of my outlook. However, the outlook…

Above is Episode 8 in my video series “Financial Armageddon to Freedom” in which I discuss how banker controlled governments worldwide are likely to react to the second phase of the global monetary crisis.

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