Analyzing Banker Price Manipulation, NOT Technical Analysis, is the Only Clear Pathway to Consistently Build Wealth

Analysis of banker price manipulation of all investable assets, whether in stocks, cryptos, or option strategies, by far and away trumps all technical analysis (TA), which is more of a carnival game than real financial analysis, and is the only reliable manner in which to make consistently accurate assessments of future asset price behavior.

On my substack newsletter here, I re-posted one of the 5 daily videos from June that I send my patrons every week on my patreon platform along with a review of my BTC predictions on my substack platform, all based upon my analysis of banker price manipulation of asset prices. I apologize for the low level of thAnale audio on that particular part of the above podcast as that part of the video was a second generation video and thus suffered degradation in audio and video fidelity.

Finally, below I’ve posted the results of some put option strategies that I’ve executed on the SLV ETF during that time period to illustrate that I don’t just talk the talk, but I put my money where my mouth is, regarding the predictions I issue using my unique analysis based upon banker price manipulation assessment metrics I’ve developed over the past 20 years. Ever since that 15 June 2022 video I posted above, I’ve been informing my patrons every subsequent Monday since then, that lower gold and silver prices were on the way. In the provision of these weekly predictions, I provide end of the week price targets for gold and silver every week. For those interested, I discuss in more detail, my put option strategies in the podcast you can watch at this link.

J. Kim

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