Month: April 2011


What Does the Largest Move Higher in Silver in Years Mean?

Today, as I write this short article, silver has moved from $45 and some change from the close of the New York market on Thursday to $49.35 a troy ounce in Asia,   a move of 9.06%. If the price…

Let’s parlay the publicity given to the recent University of Texas endowment fund’s decision to convert all of their paper gold to physical gold into a campaign to convince large endowments/foundations all over the country to follow in their very…


The 15 Best and the 15 Worst Mining Jurisdictions in the World

With the announcement yesterday that Bolivia President Evo Morales will announce a decree on May 1st to “dismantle the privatization model” of the mining industry and expropriate all assets owned by private mining companies, is this just an isolated example…


One of the Dumbest Things I Have Ever Read About Gold

Yesterday I read an email that was forwarded to me and after reading it, I was compelled to write this blog because it contained one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Now I read many stupid things that…

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