The USD is About to Breach the Point of No Return

The USD is about to breach the point of no return. I’ve posted three very succinct, but extremely important charts on my news site within the past ten months. The first article about the US dollar was called “The Point of No Return” and I’ve been tracking the decade long upward trend line I illustrated in that article ever since.

The second article was one I posted just a couple of weeks ago on 25 May, in which I predicted, “a violent move and fireworks for the US dollar [is] coming soon…I’m very confident that move will be a downward, not an upward move.” 

Here is the updated USD index chart, updated since my prediction, with the date 25 May circled in black above.

US dollar index prediction, May 2020

Now that we’ve looked at the immediate trend, if we pull back to a ten year chart and look at the decade long trend, what do we see now? We have been steadily hurtling toward the green 10-year trend line.

US dollar quickly hurtling to the point of no return and rapid purchasing power destruction

Once the USD moves below that trend line, and it will, probably within the next several months, if you haven’t taken preparation for this event, it will likely be too late to do so when it happens.

J. Kim

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