Month: January 2014


A Mission to Mars Illustrates a Coming US Dollar Collapse


Does Your Gang Affiliation Prevent You From Thinking Clearly?

Whether we will admit it or not, a lot of us engage in gang member-like thinking that destroys our ability to divergently think, critically think and even consider the truth when the truth challenges the group-think of the “gang”. Ishmael…

foreward by JS Kim, Managing Director of maalamalama Below is a recent correspondence from our friend Lars Schall, an independent financial journalist, and the German Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, regarding the exact whereabouts and specifications of Germany’s national gold…


Bankers Planning to Raid Gold Futures This Week?

This week is a big economic statistic reporting week for the US economy. On Wednesday, at 8:15 AM NY time, the ADP employment number will be released, which represents data from about 24 million employees from 19 of the major…

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