Month: February 2009


A Gold Correction Now is More Likely Than Not

24 February, 2009 At the beginning of October, 2008, I remember reading a number of articles covering US stock markets that heavily pushed the message “it’s time to buy US stocks!” However, since the beginning of October, 2008, the major…

18 February, 2009 If we look at the below graph of the USO (US Oil Fund), at first glance, it appears that the deflationists have been correct about their assumptions of a worldwide slowdown causing demand for oil to plummet….

18 February, 2009 In an extremely difficult investment environment, it is often difficult to know who to believe. Deflation or inflation? Have financial stocks bottomed or do they have much more to fall? When gold corrects sharply, is the gold…


Have Gold and Silver Stocks Peaked?

February 4, 2009 Recently a handful of US based financial analysts have made a big fuss over the many secondary equity offerings of many major mining companies, stating that is a sure sign that prices of gold and silver stocks…

February 3, 2009 A recent story reported about counterfeit £1 coins out of London made me reflect upon the enormous irony of the story given that our current economic woes have been caused by an unsound global fiat currency system…

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