Month: November 2006


How Bruce Lee Made Me a Better Investor

November 30, 2006 – Time for the casual Friday blog again. This past week was the late great Bruce Lee’s birthday so I’m paying tribute to Bruce this Friday. Last November, Bosnia unveiled a lifesize bronzed likeness of martial arts…


A: 21 New Countries and 4 New Territories

Q: Welcome New Readers From??? This is a continuation from a previous casual Friday blog in which I mentioned my goal was to attract readers from 100 different countries. In the past two weeks, readers from 21 new countries and…


How the Recency Effect Hurts Investors

November 30, 2006 – Here is the Wikipedia definition of the psychology phenomenon known as the recency effect: “A cognitive bias that results from disproportionate salience of recent stimuli or observations. For example, if a driver sees an equal total…

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