Month: December 2009

It is indisputable that: (1) History has much to teach us; and that (2) We ignore historical evidence that is useful in predicting the future far too often, even though history has demonstrated time and time again that it repeats…


JS Kim Interview with Ilene from Phil’s Stock World

Ilene’s the editor at Phil’s Stock World, where she keeps readers up to pace with the latest stock market news and events from around the internet. Visit her at Phil’s Favorites site. Her background is in law and biological science,…


How the (Grinch) Bankers Stole Christmas

I hate bankers and so should you. Why? Because bankers steal a little bit of Christmas cheer every year. For the past several years, bankers have stolen a lot of Christmas cheer. Like the Grinch from Dr. Seuss’s famous children’s…


An Unbelievable Opportunity in Gold

Yes, there is no typo in the headline of this article. Today there is still an unbelievable opportunity to invest in gold that will disappear over the next several years as this monetary crisis deepens. Despite the general widespread sentiment…

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