The Things We Believe that are Untrue

I’ve often spoken of, in this blog, in the many things we believe that are untrue. For example, many financial metrics in which we blindly believe, reported by the mainstream news, like inflation, GDP and unemployment statistics are patently false and not even close to being reflective of reality. This holds true not just in … Continue reading The Things We Believe that are Untrue

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The Point of No Return for the US Dollar

The point of no return is a phrase that is often used without restraint, but it is one that is increasingly deserving of use in regard to Central Banker policy decisions. The reason that we are on the verge of the Bubble of Everything that exists in developed markets now collapsing is because, even before … Continue reading The Point of No Return for the US Dollar

the best online education academy in the world

Why Gifted Student Programs Makes #Education Worse

This article, Part 2 of my ongoing The Problem with Education series, discusses why special "gifted student programs" makes education worse, not better, not only for the gifted student himself or herself, but also for all of his or her peers. No school should ever have a “gifted” program that separates and isolates students that … Continue reading Why Gifted Student Programs Makes #Education Worse

the best online education academy in the world

How Schooling Fails to Provide Real #Education

Critical Thinking is Missing From Academics In this article, Part 1 of a series about The Problem with Education, I discuss why the academic system, for the most part, glaringly fails to provide real education. I will delineate the problems with the global education system today. Albert Einstein once stated, “The value of an education … Continue reading How Schooling Fails to Provide Real #Education

what is maalamalama

What does maalamalama mean?

Aloha curiosity seekers! What does maalamamala mean? Besides being a Hawaiian word that means light of knowledge, brilliance, enlightenment, and clear perception, it is the site of an imminent launch of a comprehensive online education academy, skwealthacademy (smartknowledge wealth academy) that is the result of more than 10 years of blood, sweat and tears that will forever change how we think about education. skwealthacademy is a complete online education academy of 20 courses that specifically address nine pillars of education and wealth building that I’ve identified as being nearly entirely absent both in modern academic classrooms and in all global academic business programs today.

the best online education academy in the world

Welcome to the Maalamalama Wealth Education Blog!

At malamalama and our imminent launch of our online skwealthacademy, just a few weeks away, we define wealth unlike anyone else in that we want to develop not just your financial wealth, which is the singular focus of every single “wealth building” website, but I want to also simultaneously develop your mental and your physical wealth as well. I believe that if you engage in various endeavors that build tremendous financial wealth but that introduce enormous stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation, depression and loneliness in the process that the achievement of financial wealth in the absence of mental health is a complete failure.