Month: May 2015

There is literally nothing in the MSM financial news that is believable or trustworthy today. It doesn’t matter if you live in Russia, America, South Africa, England, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, China, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Panama, Canada, Hong Kong or…

Evidence of runaway inflation has been seeping into the art world lately. We discuss below what the insanity in the world of art auction prices portends for financial markets and the ongoing banker currency wars. Recently, the top 10 lots…


When Bankers Strike

Here’s one photo that exemplifies the global currency wars. A Samsung Galaxy smartphone in 2015 is now nearly equal to the price of a car in 2011 in Argentina. This scenario is what many of us can now expect in…


Podcast #6: Deciphering the Language of Lies

Very rarely, if ever, is there a failure of regulators, a failure of central bankers, a failure of commercial bankers, failures on the war on drugs, failures in military wars, etc. because all of these institutions and people deliberately plan, execute and achieve exactly what they intend to accomplish. This is the big secret they don’t want us to realize.


Podcast #5: Everything Wrong With Banking Today

Today, in maalamalama Podcast #5, we discuss “Everything Wrong With Banking Today.” Of course, we literally don’t discuss everything wrong with banking today, because such a task is so monumental that our podcast would last for weeks, instead of just…


I Predicted Bankers Would Ban Cash Nearly 3 Years Ago

Nearly three years ago, in June of 2012, I wrote an article titled, “The Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game: 100% Digital Money”. So now that it is May, 2015, what is actually happening? Exactly what we predicted in 2012 as…

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