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The world of gold is one of the most opaque domains of the entire world, and despite rampant Central Banking gold deception, the majority of people blindly believe every single statistic printed by Central Banks about their gold reserves, including claims made by gold organizations, such as the WGC, beholden to global banking interests, that consistently issue statements about gold that are completely off-base and incorrect.

For the past year, we have been increasingly observing the same events that preceded the 2008 global financial crisis. Four months ago, the UK Guardian reported that a well-known mutual fund manager in the UK, Neil Woodford had blocked redemptions…

Global financial propaganda spikes always precede financial crises. Therefore, whenever the level of global financial propaganda spikes around the world, this is always a sign, that beneath the surface, financial ministers and top global bankers around the world are observing…

  The number one reason to buy gold and silver (physical, and not paper gold and paper silver, which is not the same thing) is very likely not what you think it is. I can deduce the number one reason…

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