Month: May 2010


Delaying a College Education in this Economy is the Right Choice

After watching a great video with Hugh Hendry posted on Zero Hedge earlier today, I decided to search the archives of past-dated interviews with Mr. Hendry. Why? Because the establishment has such a one-sided agenda of hiding the truth from…

Here are 10 gold charts that every global commercial investment firm is terrified to show their clients. When priced in ounces of gold, major western stock market indexes have performed horribly over the last 8 ½ years. Since, 2002, the…


My Interview at MMNews

Lars Schall of MMNews Germany has recently interviewed many outspoken critics of the inner workings of our global financial system including former Federal Housing Commissioner and Solari Inc. President Catherine Austin Fitts and Associate Professor of Economics and Law at…


The Safest Bet During Uncertain Markets

With six consecutive intraday triple digit swings from high to low in the DJIA index, here’s the safest bet during these uncertain times. Beginning last Thursday, volatility has returned to US markets with a vengeance. So who’s going to win…


Why a Navy SEAL Could Help Fix Our Broken Financial System

Central Bankers always seem to do the wrong things at the wrong times in manners that hurt the citizens of their country in the maximum amount possible. Not only do they commit these mistakes, but they commit the same mistakes…

Yesterday’s slide in the US stock markets provided further proof that the world’s financial markets are nothing more than a rigged casino where the house (Wall Street) holds by far the better odds in every game (currency markets, stock markets,…

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