Month: August 2013

original artwork above courtesy of @williambanzai7   The first signs of hyperinflation have arrived. As I will explain later in this article, it began last week with the meeting of POTUS Obama and his most supportive lobby, the banking industry….

As all of you know that have subscribed to this newsletter since 2006 and watched my YouTube channel since 2008, I left the commercial banking industry in 2004 because of my disdain for what I saw to be an increasingly…


Why it is Impossible to Solve Global Hunger & Poverty


The Incredible Shrinking COMEX Gold Warehouse Inventories

During this banker raid on paper gold and paper silver, while banking shill Nouriel Roubini was spouting more propaganda in the distribution channels of the mass media of a gold collapse to sub-par $1000 an ounce prices, we were busy…

Regarding the once venerable institution known as the US Presidency, this photo from February 2011 sums it up best. This meeting is like a Who’s Who from the NSA Spying on Americans scandal. Flanking Obama are Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and…

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