Month: October 2006


A: Protect Your On-Line Accounts

Q: If You Engage in Any On-Line Trading, What is Essential? Recently, E-Trade reported that Internet fraud perpetrated in client accounts cost the company $18 million in the third quarter while Ameritrade reported losses of $4 million so far this…


Conspiracy Theories

October 25, 2006 – To continue my tradition of light-hearted Friday entries, I am providing a list of quotes by ex-U.S. Presidents and advisors to ex and current U.S. Presidents. When I discuss with people the information I uncover by…


I’m More Like a Chess Player

October 26, 2006 – Many times people say to me “Oh, you’re contrarian right?” and though I subtitle my blog as “Contrarian investment news you won’t find in the mainstream media”, a much more accurate self-description of my style would…


Indian Banks Anyone? Four Letters: HDFC

October 23, 3006 – Last week I wrote that I wouldn’t touch China’s banks with a ten foot pole as in investment vehicle no matter how big Chinese bank IPO’s are splashed all over major newspaper’s headlines. However, India’s banks…

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