Month: March 2014


How in the World We Came to Value Cotton More than Gold

As we explained in our last video, one of the most polarizing techniques that prevents people from seeing truth is the herding of masses into “taking a side” that they will adopt for the rest of their life. Bankers have…


The Five Elements to Understanding the Truth About Everything

(Reminder: We have noticed that a lot of sites have been posting our full articles without our permission on their sites. Please read the terms and conditions of our republishing rights at and abide by these rules. Our staff…

Below is the photo that reveals why US and EU bankers constantly engage in media campaigns to smear Russian President Putin. As a quick experiment, type “Obama, gold” and “Cameron, gold” into Google images and you will discover that the…


Why Bankers Want Control of Ukraine

We all know about the important military consequences of controlling Ukraine to the US and Russia, but an equally important and overlooked topic is why bankers want control of Ukraine’s monetary supply and ultimately control of Ukraine through controlling its…

The banking-government industrial complex has been pulling the wool over investors’ eyes for years when it comes to getting the masses to keep their savings tied up in ever rapidly devaluing fiat currencies instead of intelligently converting them into the…

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