Month: July 2010

Ever since the roaring stock markets of the 1920’s in the US preceded the great stock market crash and the ushering in of the Great Depression, it has been apparent that rising stock markets have never been indicators that “all…

It is absolutely essential to own physical gold and physical silver if you want to have any chance of surviving the next decade without being financially devastated. Physical gold and physical silver, while often viewed as “investments” and through the…


Financial Armageddon to Freedom, EP03 – Global Asset Bubbles

In the third video in the maalamalama Financial Armageddon to Freedom educational series, I discuss the asset bubbles that exist in China, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand despite false reassurances from politicians and bankers that we are now in “global…


Financial Armageddon to Freedom: Episode Two


Financial Armageddon to Freedom: Episode One

Above is the very first video in a brand new educational series that will address a multitude of topics relevant to the second phase of the global monetary crisis called “Financial Armageddon to Freedom”. This series will be a very…


The One Question Your Broker is Terrified to Hear

Here’s the one question your broker never wants to hear: “Explain to me how the stock market is not rigged if only 20 stocks account for almost 30% of all daily trading volume, if only 99 stocks account for more…

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