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This is a multi-part series that describes everything horribly wrong with institutional education and how skwealthacademy, which I will launch by year-end 2021/start-of-the-year 2022, is different from all other schools in the world. Not only will this series discuss the…

What does maalamalama mean?

Aloha curiosity seekers! What does maalamamala mean? Besides being a Hawaiian word that means light of knowledge, brilliance, enlightenment, and clear perception, it is the site of an imminent launch of a comprehensive online education academy, skwealthacademy (smartknowledge wealth academy) that is the result of more than 10 years of blood, sweat and tears that will forever change how we think about education. skwealthacademy is a complete online education academy of 20 courses that specifically address nine pillars of education and wealth building that I’ve identified as being nearly entirely absent both in modern academic classrooms and in all global academic business programs today.

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