Why High Level Critical Thinking is Essential for Investing Profits (& Can Literally Save Your Life)


Today, I discuss why high level critical thinking is essential for solid profit making ability when developing investment and wealth preservation strategies. Of the three to six videos I release every week to my patrons ($5 level per month, or higher), I always spend one video discussing critical thinking skill development because I repeatedly stress that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a CONSISTENT profitable investor without high level critical thinking skills. I further review some of my calls about how a Joe Biden US Presidential election win would affect gold and silver prices and why critical thinking skills were once again necessary to heed my guidance. Finally, I use a couple of examples, like the White Island volcano disaster of 19 December 2019 that killed 20 and severely injured 47 and the 16 April 2014 Sewol South Korean ferry disaster that killed 304 people to illustrate why lacking high level critical thinking skills can actually be the difference between life and death.

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Podcast Shownotes:

Waakari White Island Volanic Eruption Tragedy



South Korean Sewol Ferry Disaster Kills 300, Students Captured Discussing Whether or Not to Obey Orders to Stay Put in Cabins Before the Ferry Sinks


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