2020 Man of the Year: The Unthinking Compliant Pod

2020 Man of the Year, the unthinking pod

Though there are still six weeks left in 2020, I do not even need to observe the last six weeks to award the skwealthacademy’s version of Time magazine’s Man of the Year to the unthinking, compliant pod. The heights of stupidity and lack of critical thinking has soared to new heights in 2020, including beliefs that an elected candidate from an utterly corrupt and rotten two party system in a national election will bring meaningful change to people of all socioeconomic and racial demographics. Of course a candidate of the political parties that dominate the national election, whether in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea or any other nation, not just in the US, will always continue to enact policies that serve only the top tier of the wealthiest class only and the wealthy will continue to become wealthier under their leadership while more of the middle class will descend into the poor and the poor will become poorer. Though this pattern has been in play for at least the last four decades across multiple election cycles and multiple major party candidates in every nation in the world, the unthinking sleep walkers keep sleep walking and inexplicably continue to not only support the dominant political system in their nations although the only guaranteed outcome of this support is further control over their lives and further stripping of their humanity, but celebrate its continuity with the same levels of bliss that people all over the world celebrated the end of World War II because “their candidate” won. Some people compare this fervor as attributable to the “ignorance is bliss” narrative or even to the widespread manifestation of Stockholm syndrome, in which the prisoner becomes emotionally attached to, and supportive of their captor.

However, I choose to explain the inexplicable support of the captive for their captors through the much simpler perspective as a consequence of critical thinking development having been systemically stripped from schooling today at every level, from  grade-school progressing all the way through the post-doctoral degrees.  Having graduated from an Ivy League university myself with two post-graduate degrees, I’ve certainly observed a fair share of Harvard and Wharton MBAs and PhDs in economics exhibit dumb-as-a-rock levels of critical thinking while simultaneously, but not contradictorily, exhibiting brilliant levels of theoretical and conceptual knowledge. Though a major debate that sparked massive protests in the US and across the world earlier this year is whether racism exists at a systemic level in law enforcement, I believe the more important debate is whether academic schooling has become so devoid of critical thinking that it systemically dumbs down every student it processes and spits out with robes, caps and diplomas in hand. I think there is a real serious argument, given the observations of mass expressions of stupidity for the entirety of 2020 on every continent on planet Earth, that this is the case.

For example, in a podcast I released here, titled Misanthropocene: The Age of Perpetual Warfare and Deception, I warned people of two things. I stated that anyone that doesn’t understand that we have been at perpetual war through the Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump administrations is not looking at war properly. I stated that a world war today will never be waged as war was during World War II ever again, unless a particularly psychopathic leader is selected by the ruling class to lead one of the traditional military powers. I argued that World War III has already been ongoing for many years now as war has been waged not only among nations through more covert means, such as economic wars that starve and kill millions of people through economic sanctions instead of bombs delivered by fighter pilots and drones, by also within many nations through virus scapegoated lockdowns enforced by political tyrants. I also warned, in that podcast, that preceded the US elections by a full two weeks, in response to so many false and uncritical claims that the global lockdowns would immediately end if Biden won the US Presidential election because the lockdowns were being used as a political tool to destroy the US economy and get Biden elected, that such a statement illustrated complete lack of intellect that would be self-evident if one only observed the purpose of the lockdowns from a global, instead of country-specific perspective. In response, more than a few Trump supporters called my analysis ignorant and told me to wait until the elections were over and if Biden were elected, that they expected all Democratic mayors and governors to immediately end all economic lockdowns. Of course, Biden has not yet been officially elected the next US President, as that can only happen with a Trump concession before 14 December, and Biden cannot enforce any mandates to open up economies, as Trump supporters vowed would happen, until he were take office next year should the current declaration of victory hold up under scrutiny of current voter fraud allegations.

Whether or not you support Biden or Trump, or wanted Jorgensen to win the election, everyone should want to ensure that none of the alleged voter fraud is valid and that the currently announced outcome is valid. No matter if one is Republican, Democrat, or Independent, no one should be against a thorough investigation to ensure the validity of the electoral process, and if one is against this, then such opposition is tantamount to not caring if America has descended to the depths of a banana republic. In any event, I digress somewhat from my main point, which was that Americans that believe politician enforced viral lockdowns was not part of a wider platform of global control and compliance, but only a political ploy to help Biden be elected, all but guaranteed that all viral lockdowns would miraculously be lifted upon a Biden win. So now that Biden is busy putting his transition team together, whether or not you believe this process is valid is irrelevant to my next revelation. Dr. Michael Osterholm, an appointee on Biden’s “special coronavirus transition advisory team” just announced that another “comprehensive and strict as possible” four to six week lockdown that essentially amounts to martial law, is necessary.  So what happened to the guaranteed end of lockdowns with a Biden win promised by all those that were positive the lockdowns were only politically motivated simply because such a belief fit their beliefs but not reality?

Of course, we have been witnessing the age of stupidity for many years now, but I think this year, we have witnessed a definite significant acceleration in the dumbing down of mankind. In 2018, we observed that stupidity has no impregnable barriers at higher income levels, as Elizabeth Holmes invented a completely fake scientific blood testing company, Theranos, and proceeded to bilk billionaire and hundred millionaire investors out of billions of dollars without ever providing a single shred of concrete evidence that her alleged product actually worked. In science, claims without direct evidence are called theories. The age of stupidity, by 2018, was already rising so strongly that a total fraud was able to raise billions of dollars with a theoretical, not real, scientific company. I have observed the exact same total absence of critical thought when it comes to discussions about the real, not perceived, dangers of the global virus. Perceived danger about the virus likely outweighs real danger among the masses tenfold, simply because people are too stupid to understand anything about validating robustness of statistic methodology before blindly believing reported statistics. Even the fittest people on the planet, professional athletes in the early twenties, have repeatedly used their platform to fear monger false information about the virus while appearing on TV wearing compliance and obedience masks. However, this development is unsurprising, as modern day sports leagues are the Roman equivalent of gladiator games used to distract and keep people dumb so it is unsurprising that the ruling class is using their top star athletes to spread misinformation and fear about the virus.

Some of the robustness of statistics about the virus being reported by mass media is so poor that they the conclusions of such data compilations possess as much validity as interviewing 100 members of a neo-Nazi organization and asking them if they hate black people, compiling that all 100 responses are “yes”, and then reporting that all white people hate black people as a fact. So many false beliefs about the danger of the virus are so easy to disprove simply by vetting the studies that produce such false conclusions, that it is embarrassing how many billions of people believe them. The very fact that a great segment of the entire world’s population lived an entire year without once studying how the statisticsthey blindly believed were compiled is reason enough to label this year as the Year of Stupidity and Blind Compliance.

Finally, I frequently encounter the highest level of blind compliance and greatest pushback regarding monetary topics and have often observed the same level, if not higher absence of critical thinking, when it applies to certain discussions regarding  bitcoin. Whenever I pose the question, How can a currency that has the exact same qualities of the US dollar (digital fiat backed by no tangible commodity) other than being more trackable than the US dollar (which is negative), has a finite limit to the amount created (which, while better, is not even  true if BTC futures make a comeback or a new BTC ETF is introduced in the future), and is denominated in fiat currency prices serve as a solution for fiat currencies? Of these three qualities, one is marginally good (finite creation, but one that is easily circumvented with BTC ETFs and Futures contracts), and two are terrible. There is a complete absence of demonstrated logic in the expressed belief that a new currency (BTC) priced in the very currency people view as problematic (USD, Euro, etc.) can be a valid solution to freeing themselves from this problematic form of currency (USD). An analogous example would be if the current currency in use were potatoes. In this hypothetical scenario, let’s assume, as has been the case with fiat currencies, that the purchasing power of potatoes has declined for a continuous century (like the USD). Consequently, to prevent your savings from being continuously eroded, you decided to buy an investment home in addition to the primary home in which you lived. Consequently, you bought an investment home with many of your potatoes and rid yourself of potatoes to prevent your savings from being destroyed by converting your savings into a hard asset.

However, it is well known that to find a buyer in the exact time window you wanted to sell your home  willing to swap comparable homes is very difficult. Consequently, you understand that if you ever wanted to use your home to purchase other goods and services in the future, you would not be able to directly swap your investment home to make these purchases, but would need to convert your investment home back to potatoes to buy anything. So how is your problem of saving in potatoes solved with this solution? Of course it is not, and it is analogous to buying BTC priced in USD, Euros, Yuan, Won or Yen.  Of course, I already know what will be the offered counterargument to this absolutely valid argument. Many will argue that you can make the same argument with gold, as gold is priced internationally in USD, though China and Russia are trying to break people’s connections of gold to a USD price by trading gold in their own currencies. This is true. However, this is where understanding the difference between the concepts of value and price is necessary to understand the difference between BTC and gold. Gold’s real value is not its price, its real value is its weight in grams or troy ounces, and consequently, its inherent value is immutable. Bankers have only fooled us in academic classrooms at Harvard and Oxford business school by teaching the lie that the value of gold is its fiat currency price and forwarding this lie at every opportunity they have through the ownership of financial media distribution channels. With BTC, its value is not another characteristic separate from price. For example, one cannot state that the real value of BTC is the piece of the blockchain that stores ownership and transaction data, because the blockchain’s value differs wildly depending upon whether it is being used to store data about currency transactions, as with BTC, or to store IP data to protect a photograph or pop song. Consequently, BTC’s value is equivalent with its price. Therefore a true gold standard can never use a gold basis priced in US dollars or any other fiat currency, despite academic textbooks claiming this lie as truth. Consequently, gold does not have the same unsolvable conundrum as does BTC in this matter.

Furthermore, because I’ve spoken, in the past decade with BTC owners (most, but not all) that lose their mind (and critical thinking skills) when engaged in the above argument. Often, their “proof” that BTC is sound money is the argument that they’ve made more profits with BTC than with gold. This argument is then followed with the conclusion that BTC is a better and more sound form of money than gold itself, because if gold were better, it would have produced greater profits for them than BTC. There are too many obvious holes in this argument for me to discuss within this article, but to start with one of the obvious flaws, profits depend on the price you purchased and sold an asset. I know BTC owners that lost a great deal of money because they bought BTC at $19,500 because they believed the hype back then forwarded by many of the most prominent BTC advocates that $20,000 was a short pit stop to $250,000 in a three or four year time frame.  Some cut their losses, divested and bought gold at less than $1,200 and since then, have made large profits in gold. So to state that because one made more profits with a currency than another proves it is the better one is an argument fundamentally devoid of logic. 

Even if BTC were trading at $50,000 right now, and gold were only concurrently $1,500 an ounce, that still would not make that popular (and false) argument valid. A vastly more profitable asset does not make an asset a better quality asset than a less profitable asset. It makes it a better investment, but not a better asset. Of course any asset that has gone hyperbolic, liked dotcom stocks during the dotcom mania of the 1990s and early 2000s, in which companies had market capitalizations in the billions with zero profits and zero revenues, provide prime examples of the hollowness of such an argument. During the dotcom boom, just because a company’s shares spectacularly rose from $1 to $100 a share never meant that particular company was a better asset than another company whose only doubled in price during the same time period. If you believed that explosive profits had a direct correlation to asset quality, then you may have bought a company with zero revenues and profits whose shares yielded 10,000% profits for you on that basis versus a company you could have bought for $10 million that had positive cash flow, a low debt to working capital ratio, a positive growth outlook, tons of cash on hand, and was the leader in market share in its industry. Furthermore, because of your fatal flaw in logic, you may have overpaid for the company with zero revenues and zero profits and paid $100M for this company versus paying 10% of that cost for the far better, higher quality asset.  Of course, I have also met a minority of BTC owners that truly understand the definition of sound money that completely understand the above argument provided above and also laugh at the higher profit equals better and more sound asset argument. And just to ensure that unthinking pod mentality does not proliferate regarding my BTC commentary, as often unthinking pods extrapolate one’s comments into a completely illogical, unrelated commentary, I support BTC as a form of currency, I recognize its profit-making potential, though I view this as speculative more than sound, and do not view it as decentralized currency even though that is the popular narrative for numerous reasons I’ve provided in prior podcasts as far back as ten years ago. I don’t believe BTC should be banned but I believe in open money competition, which does not exist right now, as open money competition will always allow the best to rise to the top.

Furthermore, as I mentioned above, if one doesn’t understand how futures and ETFs allows price manipulation of that asset, then one understands nothing beyond the garbage one may have learned about asset pricing mechanisms in an MBA or undergraduate business program. My skwealthacademy patrons know that when BTC hit $20,000 at the end of 2017, that forecasted the introduction of BTC futures, after creating the final parabolic leg of that rise, to then lead to an enormous crash in BTC prices back then. I not only correctly predicted the top of BTC at $20,000 at the end of 2017, but I also correctly predicted, after the commencement of BTC futures trading, that bankers would use futures markets to crash the price of BTC at least in half to $10,000. When my prediction of BTC prices being halved came true, I further predicted that the price would be cut again half from $10,000 to $5,000. In fact, my prediction of a second collapse from $10,000 to $5,000 was not aggressive enough as BTC price, in less than a year, eventually bottomed out at around $3,000.  Anyone familiar with that BTC price collapse knows that studies conducted retroactively proved my hypothesis to be 100% correct as it was discovered that traders used BTC futures markets to collapse the price from $20,000 to $3,000 in short time, and that without the BTC futures trading platform, such a  rapid price collapse would have been highly unlikely to have ever happened. In fact, my patrons knew that I based those BTC price collapses in 2018 upon my knowledge of how bankers manipulate gold and silver prices lower in future markets, as I have repeatedly correctly predicted significant price dumps in gold and silver in futures markets, including even the most reason one that happened this past Monday.

It is also zero coincidence that the CBOE suspended BTC futures trading in March 2019 and that the BTC price, with this BTC price manipulation mechanism suspended, immediately rose from about $3,800 to over $11,000 in about four month’s time by 1 July 2019. If one was invested in BTC during these periods and completely ignorant about the close relationship between BTC futures trading and plummeting and soaring BTC prices, and still managed to swing a profit, then consider yourself lucky, as it’s truly difficult to believe that anyone would try to trade BTC during these periods without understanding very likely outcomes based upon the price/futures markets relationship. People that traded BTC during this time without understanding why the suspension of the BTC futures market would lead to a considerable rise and profited would be similar to people buying gold and silver assets in July of 2019 and that are now sitting on massive profits with zero understanding of how futures market behavior is directly tied to peaks and valleys in price. Sometimes, luck smiles upon the fortunate.

In any event, 2020 has been the year of the bind leading the more blind into embracing increasingly restrictive elements of slavery compliance that the ruling class has sold as necessary mandates “for our own good.” However, even this narrative can be easily disproved to anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills. Before the US election happened this year, I told my patrons that the outcome would be disputed because an ongoing dispute over the result serves the interest of the ruling class by seeding more chaos.  Of course, a load of other people also made this prediction so there was no great vision or any brilliance on my part to predict this outcome. However, just a week after the election happened, with Biden having been declared, not by any legal and recognized official process, but only by the mass media, as the next US President, many Americans were observed celebrating in a frenzied bliss in LA and in NY, high from self-delusion that

(1) a major party candidate will actually bring real positive change to America (which he won’t); and

(2) that the election is actually over (which it isn’t)

It’s not enough that we have been transformed into non-thinking pods in which most of us police our neighbors to carry out the mandates of authority in regard to the virus even after we have observed congresswomen and mayors (California’s Nancy Pelosi and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot as just two of numerous examples) and medical authorities repeatedly violating their own “for our own good” mandates to stay-at-home and refrain from engagement in any non-essential travel (Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood as one example among many), and to wear face masks at all times and socially distance (Dr. Fauci) within days, and sometimes within just hours, of issuing their mandates. It’s not enough for us to know that many have witnessed and captured photographic evidence of the politicians mandating strict and severe lockdowns repeatedly ignoring their own mandates to conclude that politicians don’t believe the virus is at all dangerous. We can’t seem toconnect dots that a six-year could connect with no adult help to correctly conclude that if violation of these mandates would put our lives at risk as they have told us, that they repeatedly would not be violating their own mandates and putting their own lives at risk, as the only lives they care about on planet Earth are their own. 

Thus, even though Time Magazine’s Man of the Year will likely by Joe Biden because Time Magazine stopped practicing any real investigative journalism decades ago, their real Man of the Year should be “The Unthinking Compliant Pod”, as the ruling class proved in 2020 they successfully terraformed the majority of  planet Earth’s 7.8 billion minds into unthinking compliant pods. 2020 has proven that we need a term to describe the process by which the ruling class, through their wave of thought snatching and dumbing down mandatory schooling, has transformed masses all over the world into non-thinking pods in which an AI robot is far more likely to exhibit far greater critical thought when it comes to adopting a belief than a living, breathing human being. Today we all have functional brains inside our skulls, but it seems as if the number that actually utilize it is far less than one in a million. What new word should we use to describe this process?  Zombification  and sheep have been used too much already, though I must admit that I liked a definition given of democracy as “the process by which two wolves and a sheep decide what to have for dinner”. So what do you think would be a good term to describe the process that led to the 2020 Man of the Year being the Unthinking Compliant Pod? Mind mining? Synapse disconnection? Neonatal thought regression? I have yet to come up with a good catchy term to describe what I’ve observed this year. Leave your comments below and perhaps I’ll title a future article with that phrase!

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