What Will CME Data Reveal About Bullion Bank Gold and Silver Purchases in the Past Few Months?

Below you may find the data for net bullion bank gold and silver purchases during the period of December 2020 to February 2021.

Feb 2021 CME stop and issues data, in table format. copyright skwealthacademy 2021.

As we could expect in the gold market, big banks always do the exact opposite of what they publicly say. They say gold is a barbarous relic and a useless rock, but the data above shows that they’ve been buying physical gold hand over fist all during this time period. Hmmmm,<sarc> I wonder why they would do this? </sarc>

On the contrary, however, if we look at the stop and issues data for the most heavily traded silver futures contract in New York, the 5000-oz contract, the bullion banks seem to have suffered some major mishaps in taking advantage of much lower prices to continue adding to their physical stack. With client accounts, they wish to issue more contracts than stop and with house accounts, they wish to stop more contracts than they issue. As you can see, the reality of this outcome has been the exact opposite from desired with the 5000-ounce silver futures contracts, which basically means the big bullion banks have hemorrhaged a great deal of physical silver during this time.

What will the data show now as of May 2021? As this data is extremely laborious and time consuming to process to format in an easily viewable table such as the ones I provided above for the data up until the end of February this year, if you wish to know the results as of May 2021, then please join us at patreon here as the updated charts will be made available to all patreons (at a $5/month contribution and higher level) within the week.

J. Kim

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