Corporate Indecency: Build a Worse Mousetrap to Deliberately Cheat Customers and Maximize Profit Margins

corporate indecency to cheat customers

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Lately I’ve been focusing a lot of content on what people may perceive to be non-financial content but that conclusion would be wrong. My latest upload, titled “how to build a worse mousetrap” opposes the narrative we’ve always heard that if we build a better mousetrap, this is how we ensure entrepreneurial success. In fact, corporations have completely abandoned serving us, the customer, in the best way possible, and instead in recent decades, have focused on how they can dupe us the best to maximize profits. Corporations that have been employing and mobilizing this duplicitous, morally repugnant strategy include such titans like Apple, Boeing, McKinsey Consulting and even Central Banks.

In fact, ironically enough, of those I just listed above, though one may think Central Banks would, of all corporations, invent a new product to dupe us, Central Bankers in Beijing have discussed an idea, while certainly not liberty promoting by any stretch of the imagination, may actually be the most benign product of all the cases I discuss in the above podcast. PBOC bankers have floated the idea of attaching expiration dates to the digital yuan in future issuances of this digital currency. Since all fiat currencies, and all digital currencies unbacked by any hard assets, all lose purchasing power over time, the threat of deleting digital yuan unless one spends it as a future policy tactic to “stimulate the economy”, actually may be one that will benefit the customer.

By forcing the customer to spend the digital currency by a certain date with the threat of losing it, this threat will actually help the customer maximize the purchasing power of that currency, though for self-evident reasons, forced spending as an involuntary trait of issued currency is a totalitarian measure. For example, if you were to spend $1,000 on shampoo and soap today, were you to buy that exact same quantity of shampoo and soap in the same small quantities that people normally purchase these items, then one may end up spending $2,500, or perhaps even more, over 10 years, when purchasing the same exact quantity of shampoo and soap for which one would pay $1,000 in a single bulk purchase today. This is simply due to the perpetual devaluation of currency purchasing power over time and the constantly lessening purchasing power of fiat currencies over time.

In any event, it is my wish to convince all business owners to act unlike Apple, unlike McKinsey, unlike Boeing, unlike McDonalds, unlike Bill Gates, unlike Jeff Bezos, unlike Cheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, and to act in a socially responsible manner in which we contribute positively to the communities in which we operate instead of leaving a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of customers. This is the reason I’ve been waxing philosophically as of late. If we would like the oligarchs to start treating us better, we must be the light that lights up the darkness and we most be accountable for our own actions as well. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we must behave better towards our customers. As members of the human race, we must behave more humanely towards each other in our everyday lives. If we can’t do this ourselves, why should we ever expect such behavior from the billionaires of this world?

For those of you wondering why I included McDonalds in the above list, since I do not discuss McDonalds in the above podcast, their inclusion has nothing to do with their contribution to factory farming and deforestation around the world, though one could easily include this factor. It has more to do with forcing all franchise owners to use the worst possible soft ice cream machine possible which robs their franchise owners and puts money unethically into the pockets of their vendors. If you’re not familiar with this story, just watch “the real reason McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken.” Though I have not watched this video in full, from browsing the comments, it seems that this investigation more than adequately explains this ethically questionable McDonald’s behavior.

As I stated in this podcast, I have been extremely worried about the behavior of the masses I’ve been observing as of late, as there seems to be an explosion in mass degenerate behavior. Surely, I can’t be the only one worried about this development. And I would think, that to any rational human being, that doing what is in our power to reverse this trend would take a higher priority over making money and our own financial security. Because what good is financial security if the whole world degenerates into immoral thieves and thugs, which is the path we’re heading down today, because even if you secure financial prosperity for you and your family, someone will be sure to come along and snatch it from your hands if we don’t sort out our priorities first.

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