#154: Have We All Lost Our Grip Reality?


Today, I explore this topic by discussing Facebook, Twitter, and Google censorship, the US Presidential election tomorrow, the still ongoing economic lockdowns worldwide, and the massive degradation of the manner in which science is taught in academia. Follow my news blog at maalamalama.com/wordpress, join us for exclusive bonus patron only content at patreon.com/skwealthacademy and support my academy launch with a donation at gofundme.com/f/skwealthacademy.


Podcast Shownotes:

Absurd “Duck and Cover” government mandates in reaction to a nuclear bomb explosion in your area in 1950s


Bernie Sanders Draws 10,000+ at Michigan Rally in March 2020


Bernie Sanders Draws 10,000+ at Chicago Rally in March 2020


Bernie Sanders Campaigns for Biden in Michigan in October 2020. Less than 85 People Show.


President Obama Campaigns for Biden in Philly in October 2020. A Few Dozen People Show.


J. Kim

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