#155: Direct Proof of the High Value of an skwealthacademy Patreon Membership


This is a quick and dirty podcast only for those interested in learning where I drop highly valuable information in my publicly uploaded content from time to time and for those interested in becoming an skwealthacademy patron. Patrons receive exclusive benefits such as investment tips and analysis every week in the form of 4-5 daily videos, 2 long form bonus podcasts every month, and occasional financial analysis articles.  As proof of the high value of the membership, I refer to the 27m45s mark of skwealthacademy podcast #147 available here, https://bit.ly/324tiEB, in which I discuss predicted price points for 6 specific stocks that would provide favorable entry points to open up put options. I uploaded these predictions three weeks ago on 9/8 October and stated the opportunity to short the stocks would arise between 9/8 October and the US election on 3 November. Five of the 6 put option strategies could have already been opened and closed at enormous high double-digit profits, with the 6th strategy profitable as of 3 November, though not as profitable as the other five.

To learn more details about the benefit of an skwealthacademy patron membership, visit https://patreon.com/skwealthacademy

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J. Kim

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