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gold and silver price predictions from skwealthacademy

As our patron community is slowly growing, I’ve received quite a few requests, other than the list of 67+ posts/podcast patron only content one can peruse here, to provide a sneak peek into the transcendent level of patron only content. So to fulfill that request, here you go. Here is an example of content that includes gold and silver price predictions that I provided to transcendent level patrons on 23 September 2019 in this post here. This is not the full bulletin posted to my patrons on 23 September 2019, but some of the most important snippets. Also note that all of the below predictions, including the one for the S&P 500, were not long-term price predictions, but predictions for behavior within an immediate and limited time span.


“For those thinking of adding more to the physical gold and silver stack due to the bump up in prices within the last 24 hours as silver prices are now at $18.60 per ounce and gold as $1521 per ounce in early morning Asia on 24 September 2019  (and early evening in NYC on 23 September), I would suggest perhaps being just a little bit more patient.”


“As of 23 September 2019, the [content omitted here, but fully available to transcendent level patrons], so this position is perhaps foreshadowing a significant attack on gold and silver prices to come during Golden Week 2019. Therefore, if I had to fathom a guess, I would give a 99% chance to bankers targeting the period of 30 September to 8 October this year to take down gold and silver prices.”


“If there were a time for gold to be taken down to $1,450 an ounce and silver back down to $17 an ounce, between 30 September to 8 October would be the time frame to do so.”


So, there you go. The above was the portion of the transcendent-level, patron-only bulletin that contained my two-week gold and silver price predictions that was titled “Important Gold and Silver Price Commentary for the Next Several Weeks”, provided on 23/24 September 2019.  Though I am aware of a couple of other gold and silver price predictions during this time that predicted price dumps as well, as far as I know, my gold and silver price predictions of this price dump preceded the others in the date of the prediction, as mine was posted to my patrons on 23/24 September 2019.


Furthermore, my prediction was the only one that provided specific targets for the price raid to be executed against gold and silver. Though an 8.6% price dump seemed highly unlikely back on 23 September as did perhaps, a $71 an ounce fall in gold prices, the full content of that bulletin provided all my reasoning that birthed my statement that I was “99%” sure bankers would target the week of 1 October for a gold and silver price dump.  In addition, even when silver spiked to $18.81 an ounce on 24 September and gold spiked to $1,540 which made my 9.6% lower price target for silver and my $90 predicted drop in gold prices even more unlikely to happen, I provided updates to my transcendent-level patrons that week to let them know that I stood by those predictions. These reasons went beyond just the rudimentary Chinese Golden Week argument, as historically, some of the price dumps of gold and silver during Golden Week were quite mild and not nearly as strong as the one that has thus transpired this year. Consequently, I provided more detailed analysis of behind the scenes positioning happening at that time that led to my strong belief that an eventual 9.6% silver price dump and a $90 gold price dump from 24/25 September prices were still highly probable (though as I pointed out, the low price for gold was only about $81 lower as of 3 October). Finally, I provided guidance for how to handle this price dump should one seek to stack more physical gold and silver on lower prices.


Silver, as of 3 October, 2019, already  reached my price target (descending below it by about ten cents thus far) and gold descended to within nine dollars and change of my price target at its low price. However, as you can note above, I provided these price targets for silver and gold all the way back on 23/24 September. However, since we know that all capital markets are dynamic and constantly move and shift due to different impactful behaviors of different players in the market, I since provided updated commentary to my transcendent level patrons (through the 3-5 short videos they receive each week) on whether to expect further declines from these 3 October lows, or if I believed that my initial price targets would now hold up.


Still, even though such rapid declines tend to be harrowing for all gold and silver derivatives traders, and a little less for physical stackers, these price movements pale in comparison to the price volatility of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Because bitcoin prices move with such frequent volatility, I think it would be near impossible to predict, with the same type of accuracy, that a 8% or 15% drop in BTC would occur within a very narrow two-week time frame, as I have been able to do with gold and silver price predictions. For example 7% to 8% 24-72 hour movements in BTC prices are not out of the ordinary, and even massive 30%+ higher moves, both up and down, within a 3-month time frame, like the recent drop in BTC prices from near $14,000 on 26 June 2019 to about $7,700 at the end of September, are not all that rare either. And when BTC prices shoot higher, they tend to manifest out of the blue very rapidly as well. Thus, even though my predictions of “massive” silver and gold price drops in a condensed two-week period, provided above, came true, such large swings in price would hardly deserve even a mention in the context of BTC price volatility. For this reason, I have always advocated gold and silver as the go to asset for wealth preservation and for bitcoin purchases and sales to be conducted as a purely speculative behavior.

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