Absolutely ZERO Reason to Panic About the Gold and Silver Price Smash

August 2021 gold and silver price smash

There is one primary reason why there is absolutely ZERO reason to panic about the gold and silver price smash obviously executed by the usual suspects – the cartel of bullion bankers – this past weekend.  In fact, one of the last times such a large dump of synthetic gold selling hit the futures markets (on a typically very low volume trading Sunday evening, during which prices are easily manipulated, of course), below is the gold buying frenzy that resulted over the next few weeks in Asia.

Is the raid over after this big time hit? Not necessarily. So why would I state that there is absolutely ZERO reason to panic about the gold and silver price smash? Because this is NOT the metric on which your focus should be set if you have been properly investing in gold and silver. If this price smash has put you into a panic, then it is guaranteed your gold and silver wealth preservation strategy is not on point and is full of flaws, because I guarantee you that anyone with a sage strategy puts this event, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being no concern at all, to 10 being complete panic mode, at a level 1 event. 

Simply put, since every one of us with a sage gold and silver strategy knows that executed price smashes in synthetic, derivative gold and silver markets can never as adversely affect our strategy in the manner that it wreaks havoc on paper assets, there simply is no reason to lose much sleep over the types of event that was executed over this past weekend by bullion bankers. We also firmly recognize that should we ever allow ourselves to get caught up in this smoke and mirrors game, that we will always make the wrong decisions at the worst possible times and prices, instead of clearing away the smoke to understand the games being played to avoid making any unsightly and untimely, knee-jerk decisions.

If you understand the one primary reason I referenced above as to why no panic is called for in reaction to this gold and silver price smash, then you already know exactly how to proceed over the next couple of weeks in reaction to this event. However, should you not know the identity of this primary reason, and would like to know, and should you also desire to know about the possible levels for lower lows that have not yet been set in synthetic gold and silver markets and access the two special bonus podcasts I released to my patrons today that explain the proper way to ingest this weekend’s price smash and to proceed forward, then you just may want to consider joining my patreon platform (at the Benefactor Level or higher for ongoing detailed analysis) by clicking this link.

In the meantime, blood is only running in the streets for gold and silver investors that have yet to grasp the game the billion bankers play, while in the parallel world devoid of illusion, the intelligent path ahead for gold and silver strategists could not be more crystal clear.

J. Kim

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