World Bank Whistleblower: The World Will Reject Central Bankers That Operate Outside the Rule of Law

Recently, courageous World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes was gracious enough to grant maalamalama a thought-provoking interview regarding her thoughts about where we stand and where we are heading in this global monetary crisis and currency war. As I’ve told people for nearly a decade now about the necessity of trading in paper currency for the real money of physical gold and physical silver, Ms. Hudes echoes my sentiments about massive global banking criminality and fraud when she states, “Don’t take us for our word. Look at the proof we are going to give you.”  With my persistent exhortation to convert rapidly devaluing paper currency into physical gold and silver money for a decade corroborated by a 460% rise in gold and a 500% rise in silver against the USD during this period, as well as recent massive inflation, sometimes as much as 100%, in food staples such as bread in Argentina and onions in India, the necessity of trading in paper for gold and silver bullion should be self-evident. Add to this discourse the recent free-fall of emerging market currencies like the Rupee, and the recent 5 to 0 vote by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) against insuring overseas deposits held in US banks, and everyone should have the proof they need that conversion of paper currencies into physical gold and physical silver will be their savior during these continuing highly immoral Central Banker driven currency wars. In fact, we wrote about these emerging currency wars more than 3 years ago in our article, “In the REAL World Series of Poker, the Stakes are Default of Sovereign Debt”.


Despite gold and silver’s recent price consolidation after a few weeks of very rapid price recovery and our recent warnings in our writings that gold would experience a short-term bout of weakness (and it did, right on cue), when this current consolidation period ends, gold and silver will resume their price trajectory upward again


Below are some of the key points of Part I of my  interview with Ms. Hudes:


Regarding the “revolving door” of banker criminality at the global level: “The banks are all interconnected…there’s one big conglomerate…These bankers have a group of board members that migrate from one bank to another.”


Regarding why so many people still are unaware of the underlying criminal actions of banking conglomerates: “The bankers have bought up all the media to keep people ignorant of their agenda… These central banks are nothing but crooks. They have no right to buy up all the media and trick all the citizenry…we have documented this. It’s not just that we are saying this and you may or may not believe us. We have documented this…These private groups have seized power that they’re not entitled to and they did it secretly…Anybody inside the world bank that saw money going in the wrong direction, that
saw the accounting was not adding up, was getting fired.”


Regarding if Central Bankers are concerned that awareness of their nefarious crimes against humanity are coming to the forefront of global consciousness: “We have fired these Central Bankers. And there is going to be more and more accountability…A lot of these [bankers] understand that there will be a day of reckoning for them because more and more of the world’s citizens are awakening to what bankers really are up to these days, and they are not happy with what they are discovering about the banking industry.


On why more and more people will be increasingly turning away from paper currencies and towards the use of sound money to store their wealth: “Paper has no intrinsic value. It is only valuable if people agree that it has value. Fiat currencies are now under siege and we have a limited amount of time to set up alternative monies. If we have permanent gold backwardation, international trade will simply stop and we will have a world depression that will make what happened in the 1930s and 2008 look like nothing.”

 (Editor’s note: Is it not ironic that even today people do not understand that Warren Buffet, who constantly claims gold has no intrinsic value, is a shill for the banking industry, as is his right hand man, Charlie Munger, who deliberately and deceptively stated a few years back that “gold is a great thing to sew onto your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939 but civilized people don’t buy gold”, thereby ensuring that all Berkeshire Hathaway minions would forever not buy a single ounce of physical gold as the bankers continued to precipitously devalue fiat currencies as a consequence of their currency wars.)


Regarding how the US has maintained its hegemony over global banking organizations: “Through secrecy, through buying up the media. The American citizens are learning what is being done in their name [by US bankers], and they are not happy about it.”


Furthermore, Ms. Hudes stated that the BRIC nations are moving further and further away from the Western banking system of control by setting up their own system where the net difference of imports over exports must be settled in gold and not in fiat currencies. She continues, “usually when there is a power transition between countries, the way they resolve this is through war…you can do this peacefully if you bring all the parties involved” together. If the Western Banking cartel tries to enforce their wealth destroying policies upon the rest of the world, this is when we are relegated to war.


In conclusion, Ms. Hudes says that there are a lot of insiders at the World Bank disenchanted with the system that are helping her expose the misdeeds of the world’s top bankers and that as this misdeeds are being exposed, the world is beginning to
reject Central Banking as a concept as they, for the first time, begin to fully understand the constant negative effect of Central Banking policies on their lives for the first time. Finally, here is the link to Karen Hudes’s lodged complaints against global banking criminal activities.


Stay tuned for more interesting topics in part 2 of this interview next week, when Ms. Hudes reveals that certain elements of the US military are now revolting against banker-driven wars and against the politicians that lobby for these unnecessary wars. Furthermore, in part 2, Ms. Hudes  discusses what Germany has done to retaliate against the US for the Central Bankers’ refusal to return Germany’s 300 tonnes of gold. (Republishing rights: this article may be republished only if it is republished in its entirety with all links and the author attribution below intact. All violations of these republishing terms will be considered a copyright violation.)



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