World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes: The World Will Reject Central Bankers, Part II

I present to you part two of our exclusive interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes in which Ms. Hudes discusses the need to end an immoral fractional reserve banking system that continually drains the wealth of citizens without their consent and knowledge, the hope to establish open competition for money so the best forms of money will be adopted worldwide, how Central Bankers manipulate media and religion to deceive people into gut visceral reactions that support bankers’ immoral actions, and the need for people to question what bankers have tricked them into believing through the bankers’ control of media, education and religion.


Below are some of the salient points of the above interview.

maalamalama: “I believe that for sound money to protect the people against currency devaluation over time, that money must be 100% backed by gold or a bi-monetary gold/silver standard. Some people argue that a fractional reserve gold standard, such as Bretton Woods could work again. What are your thoughts on this?”

Karen Hudes: “I don’t think that fractional reserve [banking] works… you should allow people to pick and choose [what they want to use] among the currencies…We’re starting to move [to open competition among currencies] because we have no choice.”


maalamalama:  Since bankers fund and control the military, “Do you foresee a military-funded backlash [against open monetary competition] if this situation continues to grow?”

Karen Hudes: the group I’m working with is a very resilient bunch, and we are bound and determined that we are taking back our world from theses fiat bankers. They’re fired…You have to go back and look at this chronology that I gave to the European Parliament showing what the rules are supposed to be …There’s a cover up going on here. People are not aware of what’s really going on and once they really understand how the system really works, do you think they are going to want this system to be perpetuated? Absolutely not…[These bankers] are powerful because nobody knows what they are doing.”


Regarding whether or not ordinary citizens can defeat a criminal banking cartel that controls much of the global resources at the current time, Karen Hudes had this to say: “Let’s go back to this stakeholder analysis, because, you know, I’ve been working this problem now for over 15 years.  At every step, I have asked myself whether I’m making progress, because this model predicts that if I could get one country to support this rule of law, this transition, that we would have a breakthrough for rule of law…and I have gotten through to the UK parliament, which is to say, they have published three of my statements now on rule of law.”


The accuracy of the stakeholder analysis Ms. Hudes references above is discussed on page 62 of Randolph M. Silverson’s, “The Contributions of International Politics Research to Policy”, Political Science and Politics, published March 2000.


Jacek Kugler explained to Ms. Hudes that the rule of law would prevail once a single country had the courage to opt for the rule of law, as this singular action would trigger other countries to follow.  Jacek’s analysis is at:  Jacek Kugler, Ron Tammen and Brian Efird: “The War Presidency: Options Taken and Lost”, International Studies Association Meetings, Montreal, Canada, published February 2004.


Karen’s analysis of rule of law at the World Bank begins on page 16 of this document. 


maalamalama: In the banking industry, we have a prime example of “the foxes guarding the henhouse, so how do we get outside independent oversight that would actually enforce the rule of law?”


Karen Hudes: “The US citizen now knows that any email they write is read and filed. Are they going to have the muscle to back us?  Are they going to stay asleep or are they going to back us?…Because if they think, well, Big Brother is going to be in control and there’s nothing I can do about it…well, that’s what these [bankers] want everyone to think…so all you have to do, if you’re trying to figure this out, is go and look at the stakeholder analysis. What the stakeholder analysis shows is that those crooks are not strong enough provided we believe in ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves…and I guess the point you can ask yourself, if you’re somebody with kids, is ‘Which world do you want your kids to be living in? The one that’s got Big Brother, or the one in which you had a chance to make a difference, and you were told that everybody’s up there making a difference.”


On whether the military will rise up and defend citizens of sovereign nations as they are mandated and sworn to do, or whether they will opt to defend corrupt criminal banking interests because they are their financiers, Ms. Hudes replied, “There’s a group called the Council of Governors which is under the [US] Department of Defense. It’s linked with Homeland Security. So I’ve written to all these governors, and I’ve said, ‘You know, you’re not there for a crackdown [and to enforce martial law], you’re there to help us get clean currency.”


On Egypt and Syria, Ms. Hudes stated, “That situation is tragic, because it is so unnecessary…There has been a power grab by unscrupulous people that are using those conflicts to distract everybody. ”


On Israel, and the Jewish and Catholic religions, Ms. Hudes had this to say: “The people in Israel are not in agreement that their government consists of thieves that are ripping off the world. They don’t know about what’s going on…I was in touch with the representative of the Israeli government on the board of the World Bank. And we were working together to try to figure out how to bring all of the people in the Middle East together so that it’s a happy place so it’s not a place ridden with conflicts…you know the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria are mercenaries. Everybody knows that…I told the [Jewish people] to get ready when the world learns about who these crooks are and what they’ve been doing because some of them happen to be Jewish. Does this mean that the Jewish religion is wrong? Absolutely not. And let’s switch a little bit to the Catholic religion. The Jesuits own Bank of America. They’ve been in on these nefarious practices. And if people start looking at the flow of funds and they find out that the money from their taxes, Internal Revenue, is ending up in the Vatican Bank account, how do you think they’re going to find what’s going on there?…People have got to be discerning. THEY HAVE TO SEE WHAT’S WHAT (emphasis mine)… and I’m not saying that if you’re religious, you’re a dupe, no, no, that’s not what I’m saying, because these [bankers] are very good at putting words in your mouth…[People of all religions] have many, many common enemies. If we would only learn to work together, we can get some progress. Why is that our world looks so ridiculous. Are we that inept?…We have to admit that we were manipulated. We have to admit that we were duped.”


In regard to her above comments, Ms. Hudes informed me that she was the lawyer in the World Bank’s Legal Department who helped establish the World Faiths Development Dialogue within the World Bank, although she wanted to make it clear that she did not found the WFDD itself.


Regarding bankers successfully marginalizing anyone that accuses them of criminal activity by calling them “conspiracy theorists” even though the bankers’ have often deftly deflected and marginalized accusations of their rigging of LIBOR interest rates, F/X rates, gold and silver prices, ethanol prices, electricity utility rates and numerous other prices by labeling them as “conspiracy theories” every single one of these accusations have now all been proven to be factual and real and NOT conspiracy theories. During our interview, Karen Hudes had this to say about how the term “conspiracy theorist” is used to marginalize and even ridicule truth: “the people who were angry at conspiracy theorists… were the people who were rigid because they had a very narrow idea of what reality was and they weren’t open to seeing what the facts are. In this day and age, when the mainstream media is controlled by the bankers, you have to be a conspiracy theorist or you won’t get your facts straight. It turns out that the conspiracy theorists were the realists.”


Regarding what we can do to help people understand that converting unsound fiat currencies that have enormous counterparty risk into sound money with zero counterparty risk like physical gold and physical silver will ultimately save them from banking criminality long-term, Karen Hudes had this to say: “All you have to do with [people that would rather hold unsound fiat currencies over sound money like gold and silver] is tell them that Germany asked for their gold back, and they were told to take a hike for seven years, and that Germany [in response] has now cancelled its 50 year-old intelligence sharing arrangement  with the US. I think that the American people will get that very very well…We are firing the fiat bankers. They do not decide for this country whose our ally. They do not put us at war with Germany. We don’t want to be at war with Germany.”


Note that Ms. Hudes states that countries like Germany are no longer lying down to the private US Federal Reserve banking cartel’s bullying and that they are implementing real strategic counterstrikes to the United States that have real negative consequences. Thus, it is ultimately up to the citizens to rise up against these criminal Central Banks if they don’t want to allow them to ruin their countries. Lie down and do nothing and a ruinous future for their countries is near guaranteed, but the choice of what happens to their countries is most definitely in the hands of the citizens.


Furthermore, when analyzing the perpetually declining worth of fiat currencies versus the ever increasing value  of real money like gold and silver,  one needs to focus on the prices of REAL physical gold and silver and not the BOGUS fake prices of paper gold and silver set in derivatives markets by the criminal banking crime syndicate. Many people today still don’t know that the prices of gold and silver that they see flash across their screen everyday on financial TV shows is NOT the price of real physical gold and silver but the price of fake paper gold and paper silver derivative products. For example, on the morning of September 23, 2013, the bankers have set their fake paper silver price in Asia at $21.73 and their fake paper gold price in Asia at $1328.30. However, at the exact same time, the Apmex bullion dealer website has listed a 1-oz Credit Suisse gold bar at $1364.59, a whopping $36.29 premium per ounce higher, and a 1-oz 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin at $27.27, a whopping $5.54 per ounce, or 25.50% higher price. If you want to buy paper gold and paper silver that provides zero protection against the Central Banks’ currency wars, then you can buy this paper at the price you see flashing across your TV or computer screen everyday. However if you want REAL gold and silver with zero counterparty risk, you will have to pay a very hefty premium over spot prices at the current time.


In conclusion, I believe that the following question Ms. Hudes posed to me was the most important question of all: “Can we get the word out in a way in which people will understand us, believe us and back us?”


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“Can it be Proven That Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Provided More Positive Value to Society than Bank Crime Lords Like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein & Stuart Gulliver?” (written article and accompanying video to be released within the next week)

“Breaking Bad & The Bystander Effect: How Bad Bank CEOs Dupe Good People Into Working For Them” (written article to be released within the next week)


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