With Economic Failure Always Comes War

the ruling class versus the people

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Throughout history, the ruling parasitic class has always sought to distract the mob when economic failure incites the mob to start thinking about violently overthrowing them. In ancient Rome, emperors gave the mob brutal gladiator games whenever economies tanked. In more recent times, the parasitic rulers have always taken nations to war to distract the mob away from their failure in economic leadership in order to maintain their power. So where is the war you may ask, thinking that a war between Western superpowers and China, Iran, Venezuela or Russia is on the horizon.

My response is that not all wars have to be with foreign entities. The parasitic ruling class has already started a war to cover up their economic failures, and in that war, the enemy is us, their own citizens (with the exception of Sweden). However, worse than a foreign war is the fact that foreign wars, at the dire cost of creating millions of war refugees and the loss of hundreds of thousands to millions of non-combatant, innocent lives, the civil war that is currently being waged by the parasitic ruling class against us all around the world has created no economic stimulus, but instead, expedited the rate of financial destruction among all global citizens.

Thus, in reality, the war being waged against us right now is even worse than a war against a foreign entity, as there are negative consequences of this current ongoing civil war being waged in dozens of nations by the parasitic ruling classes against their citizens has heightened the state of economic failure that existed pre-global lockdown measures. Don’t wait for the external war to happen as the distraction from this economic misery. The war has already begun and it is one in which the enemies are domestic, not foreign. Furthermore, since the 2010 discovery of the CIA/Mossad created Stuxnet virus, it is very unlikely that a new war waged between foreign powers will even take the shape of a conventional military war.  Instead with zero day exploits like Nitro Zeus already uploaded to the internal systems of nations most likely to wage war, waiting in silence for activation,  the next war will likely be waged through cyberattacks that will immobilize and shut down regional power, water, and financial grids.

I have maintained since April, when I researched the global, banker-politician led response of enforcing a worldwide financially devastating economic and travel lockdown upon the world’s population, that this response was never about protecting the health of global citizens. The purpose of the global economic lockdown was always:

(1) to cover up further looting of what little wealth the 99% still possesses by the 1%;

(2) to draw attention away from on ongoing global economic crisis, as most people seem to have already forgotten about the crash of the US stock market that opened 2020;

(3) the artificial manufacturing of a crisis to further the agenda of the parasitic ruling class, which includes economically starving people to death, complete destruction of the US dollar, and the seamless transition of the entire world onto a 100% digital currency platform from which there is no escape from economic subjugation;

(4) the widespread installation of fear and learned helplessness to ensure a 100% compliance rate from the population when they launch the second phase of the 2020 global financial implosion  that will require even more draconian lockdown measures than the ones currently being enforced; and

(5) for the entertainment of the parasitic ruling class that laugh of the idiocy of the hosts that can’t understand that if we act immediately while we still have strength and before the parasites burrow in too deep, we still possess the power to expel the parasites from our systems and regain our freedom.

When I spoke about both of these topics in late April in two podcasts titled, “The Real Reasons Behind the Global Economic Lockdown,” Part 1 and Part 2, I was only 95% sure that I was correct in my analysis of the situation, with the benefit of three more months to observe these lockdowns, I am 99.9% sure of my analysis today. The parasitic ruling class must be laughing at the obedience of the masses in response to their non-science based lockdown measures, and the willingness of social media influencers and the most popular podcasters in the world to peddle their nonsense daily, thus converting millions more to a deep belief in non-scientific and non-factual based conclusions about this virus.

I am quite certain if we had the benefit of hidden cameras recording their conversations about the public’s response to their economic failure that they are hiding in the form of draconian virus lockdown measures, we would receive the equivalent of Hilary Clinton cackling in response to news that Libyan leader Gaddafi had been murdered by NATO forces.  In the history of pandemics, this is the first time that completely healthy people that have zero symptoms have been forced to involuntarily quarantine, which the parasitic ruling class is aggressively promoting as the duty of  “a good citizen”, aka, being a good little obedient lap dog. No other time in the history of any viral outbreak, did any scientific, medical based response suggest that quarantining completely healthy people with robust immune systems was necessary before the advent of the covid virus. And this is precisely why the mass media has nearly completely blacked out stories about Sweden’s success in using a science-based response to successfully defeat the spread of the virus and reduce mortality rates  to almost zero this month, while maintaining full economic operational status within their nation. And guess which developed economic nation has the only economy that hasn’t been destroyed right now?

Instead, we have spineless cowards in the West leading nations citizens into economic misery and despair by enforcing 100% unnecessary lockdown measures of healthy people, while the WHO pays $135,000 to PR marketing firms like Hill & Knowlton to deploy an army of celebrities, athletes, musicians, podcasters and social media influencers to peddle their non-science based propaganda about “civic duty” in maintaining self-quarantine measures to those that have begun to question enforcement of lockdown measures as a complete sham of the parasitic ruling class. If you were an astrophysicist and discovered a primitive form of alien life on a moon of Neptune, and released the scientific evidence and people did not believe it, would you hire a PR firm to design a marketing campaign to utilize social media influencers and podcasters to disseminate messages to convince the masses that this discovery were real? Of course not.

You would not do so, because science can stand on its own and does not need a marketing campaign to convince people of facts. If there were real scientific evidence that economic lockdown measures didn’t just ruin people’s financial lives but actually helped decrease the mortality rate of the disease, the WHO would not need to spend $135,000 on a marketing campaign but simply disseminate scientific facts to convince people to do the right thing. However, because there is no science to back their claims, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to spread propaganda and to brainwash naïve people that do not understand the science behind viruses to believe their false claims.

And that is why the mass media, another arm of the ruling parasitic class, fears the success story of Sweden so much. Sweden responded to the virus with a science based response, asking only the vulnerable to self-quarantine to stop the spread of the virus and lower the mortality rate, as has been done in every other viral outbreak in world history, and kept their economy completely open.  Furthermore, the spike in viral related deaths, which was used by the mass media parasites to spread fear around the world as a consequence of Sweden’s leadership refusing to bow down to the global banker, politician formula of complete economic lockdown, was also a big propaganda lie. The spike of viral related deaths that happened in Sweden at the start of the viral spread in Sweden, if you seek out news from Swedish media sources, was largely due to mismanagement of quarantine measures in elderly care homes, much as happened in New York City. 89% of all deaths attributed to covid in Sweden as of 24 July were in people who were 70-years of age or older, with many deaths among the subsector of people that were 80-years of age or older, attributable to symptoms of pneumonia and respiratory problems from the common flu, likely to have happened even had there been no covid outbreak this year.

Of those that were of working age (classified as anyone younger than 60 years of age), only 229 people died from covid out of a population of roughly 8 million citizens that fall into this age group. So despite not locking down any healthy people, not only did Sweden achieve a mortality rate of its under 60-years of age population of less than 3 in 100,000, which is even considerably less than the mortality rate of 10 per 100,000 from the common flu, but it managed to nearly completely stamp out the mortality rate from the disease, rapidly reducing the number of deaths at near or over 100 per day in April to just 2 a day by the end of July. Though only about 206 elderly, and not thousands, would have died in Sweden from a common flu, given the 0.1% mortality of the common flu, because covid presents more danger to the vulnerable than the common flu but is no more, and possibly even less dangerous than the regular flu to the healthy below the age of 60, this presents an even stronger argument for the segmented quarantine approach I suggested on my podcast #84C , one I advocated as  “a thousand time smarter than a blanket lockdown” and one that the Swedish model, which implemented my segmented approach, though it was skewered as irresponsible and fatal in April when I released this podcast, has proven to be correct. Of course, the media, as an arm of the parasitic ruling class, will never disseminate the truth or anything that remotely resembles science in response to covid, but instead, will incessantly spread lies that elevate anxiety, stress, fear and financial destruction to maximum levels, as this is the agenda of their masters.

sweden's successful science based response to covid 19

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency of Sweden)

From the above, it is clearly evident that after infections and deaths spiked respectively in April and June, that by the end of July, both had radically diminished. Furthermore, in the first chart I posted, though the lion’s share of infections happened among the population less than 60-years of age, one can observe that the mortality rate was nearly non-existent and that the lion’s share of deaths occurred in the age groups of 70 and older, with most of the deaths in this group happening with elderly older than 80 and 90 years of age.

In their reporting about the failures of the Swedish segmented strategies for vulnerable and symptomatic infected versus healthy and asymptomatic infected and uninfected, the mass media never focused on the healthy and asymptomatic infected and uninfected population of Sweden with a mortality rate lower than that of the common flu, but chose to harp about the high mortality rate  among the completely vulnerable and extremely elderly over 80-years of age population to demonize Sweden’s open economy policy and reported an overall mortality rate of 55 per 100,000, heavily misleading as it is heavily skewed by the large elderly Swedish population. Doing so is completely deceitful, duplicitous, and morally repugnant, especially since at least half, if not more, of elderly deaths from the virus were a consequence of inadequate quarantine measures deployed in elderly nursing homes in Sweden.

Thus, if quarantine measures had been executed properly in Sweden’s elderly nursing homes, then even the mortality rate among the elderly would have been greatly reduced. The media’s demonization of a completely successful science based approach in Sweden to the virus, with the exception of their mishandling of proper quarantine measures among the vulnerable elderly population in the nursing homes, which is the only criticism Swedish officials should be receiving, would be similar to the media extrapolating the high mortality rate among the elderly population of Lombardy, Italy to the entire population of Italy.

But yet for months, the Western parasitic media class kept pumping out the “failure” of Sweden’s approach with death tolls “worse than America” that obviously were far too premature to publish due to their non-science based, speculative conclusions, while other propaganda peddlers like MSN stated that Sweden’s decision to not lockdown its citizens was a complete failure because of the higher NUMBER, not rate, but number of deaths in Sweden than in nations like Norway and Finland. Of course, Norway should have fewer deaths because its population is half the size of Sweden and the population most vulnerable to die from the virus, the over 70 years of age population, is only about a third of Sweden’s.  Of course, those are only two factors that will highly influence the number of viral deaths, and many more may exist that simply do not make the comparison of absolute numbers of viral deaths a meaningful exercise. However, even when statistics are completely irrelevant, that has never stopped the parasitic media from using them to beat the population into a constant state of fear and obedience to the State.

Furthermore, I have a massive problem with social media influencers that continue to state, and I’ve heard more than a handful falsely state this week that no model exists of how to combat this virus successfully. Not only is there a model in Sweden, in which the successful application of science is being completely blacked out by the mass media, but in the US, the state of South Dakota never locked down its citizens. Therefore, within the US, one can merely study covid infections and mortality rates in the state of South Dakota to see if their results are much better than achieved in New York, a state that implemented severe lockdown measures that have ruined hundres of thousands of businesses. With an estimated 7.5 million businesses estimated in America to have to permanently shutter in April, before the most severe lockdown measures were even implemented, this number has likely doubled by now. Thus far, in South Dakota, out of 100,000 tested for covid, only 8% tested positive, and 119 people have died from covid, for a mortality rate of 14.27 per 100,00 versus a mortality rate of covid in New York state of 168 per 100,000. Even though a lot of deaths in New York hospitals were falsified as being due to covid when they were not, it’s still a good bet that South Dakota’s no lockdown measures are far more successful in fighting the virus than New York’s totalitarian tyrannical lockdown measures. Furthermore, despite the lack of lockdown measures in South Dakota, the latest round of covid tests revealed that the infection rate had dropped from an overall 8% rate to a rate of 6.1%.

Finally, before I conclude this article, I want to point out more scientific facts about H1N1 flu or bird flu. Though this happened more than a decade ago, allow me to remind you of some of the data about that pandemic, which actually was more serious than the current covid virus in some aspects. From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, the US CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8,868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus. However, we all know that with covid19, to justify the irrational economic lockdown and quarantine of healthy people measures that the most fear inducing statistics are being used, so to compare apples to apples, we must use the upper end of the CDC estimates for H1N1. If we did so, then we would claim 89.3 million Americans were infected, 402,710 were hospitalized and 18,306 people died. Additionally, if we use upper end estimates, the CDC estimated that 575,400 people worldwide died from the first year the virus infection circulated around the world, and in this virus, the age demographics were reversed, so working age people were really affected by H1N1 versus this not being the case at all with covid 19. 

Globally, 80% of H1N1 virus-related deaths, according to the CDC, occurred in people younger than 65 years of age, the exact opposite mortality pattern of covid 19. Thus far, seven months in to covid 19, in the US there have been an estimated 4.3M infections and 148,000 deaths, with 16M infected and 650,000 deaths reported worldwide. Given that the first infections of covid 19 were believed to have been in November 2019 in China if not earlier, extrapolating the global infections and deaths of covid 19 for a 12 month period would yield 21.3M infections and 866,666 deaths. Although the number of projected deaths has been much greater for covid 19 than for H1N1, the rate of infection of H1N1 was much higher globally than the coronavirus as was its infection rate among healthy people of working age. So ask yourself why the ruling class has enforced worldwide lockdowns in response to covid, when no global blanket lockdowns happened ten years ago in response to H1N1?

The major difference between the two scenarios is that we were on the verge of collapse of multiple global financial systems and already in the midst of major global economic collapse when covid 19 hit and we were on other side of the 2008 global financial collapse when H1N1 hit. I guarantee you that if H1N1, and not covid 19 hit this year, with the exact same outcome of H1N1 that did not spur global economic lockdowns in 2009, that the parasitic ruling class would be fear mongering and implementing the exact same lockdown measures right now that were not implemented in 2009 in response to H1N1. The only difference between the reaction of the parasitic ruling class to H1N1 and covid 19 is the need to use covid 19 to hide the ongoing and still yet to come global financial meltdown.

Finally, given the completely wrong commentary that I am hearing about why certain nations like Japan, Vietnam, South Korea have been so successful in combating coronavirus, I have spent considerable time in all three of those nations, and I guarantee you that the social media influencers blathering mindlessly about how they were successful in combating the virus because they all bowed down to authority in these nations are completely wrong. To begin, a scientific fact is that the healthier one is and the stronger one’s immune system, the most likely one can contract covid 19 with no ill effects, if not elderly. What do Vietnam, Japan and South Korea all have in common? Their adult obesity rates are among the lowest in the world, 2.1%, 4.3% and 4.7% respectively, compared to one that is 9 to 18 times higher in the United States.

Given that one of the best protections against becoming severely ill is being healthy and fit, the parasitic ruling class has been implementing measures that work against our health by ordering State police to shut down gyms in America and arrest gym owners that defied lockdown orders, as carried out against Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti. The fact that the Japanese parliament ruled that it was unconstitutional and an illegal infringement upon their citizen’s civil liberties to shut down businesses in response to covid 19, whereas US police in America have teamed up with the parasitic ruling class not only to prevent US citizens from earning a living but also to shut down the very businesses that would be the most helpful in keeping Americans healthy only illustrates how far liberties and freedoms have fallen in America.

In the fact sheet that describes the curriculum of my skwealthacademy, the launch of which has been delayed for months due to these parasitic blanket economic lockdowns enforced worldwide and that contains applied knowledge you will never learn in any academic business program in the entire world, I state, “Knowledge of very low utility was the type of knowledge I received inside academic classrooms for my entire life despite attending some of the supposed ‘best’ schools in the world. Today, every student that attends academic institutions, until they have undergone a radical overhaul in format, still receive the same knowledge of very low utility that I received” and for this reason, this is why so many remain completely uneducated and ignorant to the plan that is being enforced upon us. Decades later perhaps, the covid 19 global lockdowns will be studied by future generations as a case study of how easily the entire world can be fooled into complying with orders that have nothing to do with protection of citizen’s well-being and everything to do with enforcing submission to the State.

J. Kim

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