Why Speaking Out Equals Freedom and Love is the Force the TPTB Fears the Most (skwealthacademy podcast #89)

love is stronger than fear

I urge everyone to give in to love because love is powerful enough that it causes our fear to disappear, it emboldens us to speak out, to stand up for truth, to be courageous, honorable, to treat all equally with dignity with no concern for religious, political, national, or socioeconomic boundaries, and to exercise our morals and principles. Silencing our voices and exercising self-censorship achieves the exact opposite. Our State leaders perceive all crises, both manufactured as this one seems to be, and real, as Machiavellian narcissistic opportunities to seize more power, roll back more freedoms, increase State surveillance and to unnecessarily spread fear as far and wide as possible. On the opposite side of that equation, has been the Sikh response all over the world to build community, spread love, and to unconditionally help those in need during a crisis. Since I’ve been uploading podcast episodes about topics of finance and holistic wealth, if we take into consideration the uploading of 270 videos to my old youtube channel before google effectively shut it down through relentless demonetization and shadowbanning, I’ve been at this podcast game for over a decade now. And in those ten years, I’ve met dozens of people from all over the world, including Spain, Greece, Argentina, the US, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Germany, Brazil, Croatia and many more, that approached me on the street and struck up a conversation with me after informing me that they had watched some of my podcasts. Dozens more have told me that they never commented on my videos, even though they “really wanted to” at times, for fear of the backlash and pushback that may result on their own youtube channels or from their corporate bosses, after reading that Google, the owner of youtube, would track all people that made certain comments on certain videos about certain topics that disputed the mainstream narrative.

For example, youtube has stated that they will automatically censor any video with any narratives that contest the narratives forwarded by official global health organizations, but in the process, never bother to inform us that some of the “official” narratives that have mandated as truth have been proven incorrect multiple times already and also at times lack the backing of any scientific expertise. In fact, the head of the world health organization that headed up the global response to our pandemic is not even a medical doctor, but a former Ethiopian government cabinet minister who holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Community Health and A Master of Science (MSc) in Immunology of Infectious Diseases, academic qualifications that would make me, as a neurobiology major, and published author of research in medical journals, almost as equally qualified to head up that organization as well (and trust me, I’m not qualified to do so).

The Biggest Trick TPTB Have Played on Us – That Parasites Are Stronger than Hosts

To live a life of fear is to not live at all. Imagine if everyone operated out of love instead of fear. What if everyone spoke their mind, unafraid of the consequences of Big Brother, instead of perhaps the 1% to 2% that actually exercise our right to speak our minds in our modern world? Instead of having to track 1% to 2% of us, what if Big Brother had to actively surveil all 7.8 billion people on planet Earth? If so, then their surveillance programs would be reduced to looking for a needle in a haystack instead of just combing through a small percentage of their current surveillance data? This could happen if only we realized that love is powerful. For this reason I will stand by my claim that we have a lot of untapped power through the strength of exercised community and numbers. The biggest trick the devils that rule the world played on us is convincing us that we have no power when we hold enormous power in our hands. As I explained in podcast #86 , the purpose of TPTB global pandemic lockdown that had less than 0.01% of the wisdom of a targeted, segmented strategy for vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations that would have been just as effective in preventing the spread of the virus but with almost none of the devastating economic consequences of a blanketed, non-specific lockdown strategy, was to instill learned helplessness among the entire global population, as fear and helplessness causes our energy to resonate at a frequency that drains us of our life force.  In fact, to illustrate just how far we’ve declined as a civilized society, one of the main points of establishing thirteen original colonies that constituted the Republic of America was the fact that local rule held sovereignty, and that if a citizen of the newly established republic did not like the laws of one colony, he could move to twelve other colonies that offered differing laws more aligned with his belief system. However, by establishing blanket laws that apply to everyone, regardless of obviously very different circumstances that apply to different regions of nations, every State leader stripped citizens of the freedoms afforded even the first immigrants to the original thirteen colonies. In that same aforementioned skwealthacademy podcast, I spoke about the relationship between the political, Central Banking, military-industrial machine and us, and how they are the parasites and we are the hosts. I also posed the question, “Who is more powerful in a parasitic relationship, the parasite or the host?” The answer to this question depends on who shows greater strength and courage in this relationship. If the host displays greater strength and courage and expels the parasite, the parasite becomes weak and dies. However, if the host cowers and takes zero and remains silent and immobile as the parasite feeds off it, even though the parasite will always be the weaker party in this relationship at the onset, the parasite eventually will become stronger than the host, drain the host of all of its life energy, and though tiny in size in comparison to the host, will eventually suck all the life force out of the host and kill the host. Thus, it is entirely up to us, the hosts, to decide if we live or die in our parasitic/host relationship that we have with TPTB. Over the past decade, I have heard repeated over and over again from people that have absorbed my content that we have no power. This is exactly what TPTB want us to falsely believe.

I have often stated that, even when it comes to a topic as daunting as the monetary system we use, the ultimate power in the form of money we accept as payment for goods and services belongs not to Central Bankers, as 99%+ people in this world mistakenly believe, but to us. And we even have historical precedents to prove this. In every instance in which fiat currencies collapsed into worthlessness, whether with the first Chinese paper currencies issued thousands of years ago or with German marks in the Weimar Republic, the Zimbabwe dollar, the Venezuelan bolivar fuerte, or the Ukrainian hryvnia in more modern times, the ultimate collapse of these paper currencies into worthlessness was ushered in not by a decision of Central Bankers, but by a decision of the people to outright reject acceptance of any of the domestic currency in widespread circulation as payment for their goods and services. Though Central Banker excess in creating massive volumes of the national fiat currency may have pushed the paper currency to the brink of collapse, only the people’s decision to outright reject acceptance of the currency could push the currency from the brink of collapse into utter collapse and worthlessness. Ultimately only the people, and not Central Bankers, wield the power to collapse the fiat currency system in use in all nations around the world, and this should be clear from the collapse of ever fiat currency in global monetary history. Yet despite this overwhelming evidence, we still believe we are powerless about our options of monetary use and that we must bow down to Central Bankers’ decisions made with zero input from the citizens of every nation in which they operate.

To escape this false belief, we must first recognize the con game that takes place in the global banking and financial world for the con game of Central Bankers is exceeded by no other persons or institutions on planet Earth. Though I finished writing this article on 3 May and published it on my news site by 5 May, I may not make it eligible to be posted anywhere else until about 7 May due to this date marking the release of my skwealthacademy podcast #89 (for anyone reading this that wishes to republish this article on their website, please note that reprinting this article in full is in violation of skweatlhacademy policies. Please reference this link and follow the instructions for republishing rights of all of copyrighted skwealthacademy articles).

During April 2020, US Central Bankers conned people into spending billions to buy corporate bonds by using their propaganda arm, the mass media to report they were buying all types of US corporate bonds including even junk bonds. I’m not speculating that this happened. This actually happened. The media actually reported something as fact that never happened. On 9 April, Bloomberg ran a headline that blared, “Fed to Buy Junk Bonds” as fact.  In response, confident that they had a Fed put on higher bond prices, buyers loaded up on $25B of bonds of one of the worst companies out there, Boeing, that I told my patrons to short twice for huge gains before the viral pandemic hit. Therefore, BA was a terrible company even before airlines were massively negatively impacted by government responses to lockdown air travel. However, on 1 May, it was revealed that the US Central Bankers had not bought a single US corporate bond yet. They may eventually do so, but the fact that the mass media reported something as fact that had not yet happened should again clue us in as to who really controls what they write and feed us. TPTB have conned us since the day we stepped foot into school as grade schoolers, constantly herding us like cattle to be slaughtered into factories for everything that destroy  our curiosity, our creativity, our individuality, our physical health and our mental health. From the time we are born, we are herded into factory schooling, eat factory farmed foods, graduate into working for career factory farms known as the corporate plantation and then finally retire in our sixties, if we are lucky,  perhaps only exercising free thought from the time we retire until the time we die. We constantly react as if we are playing checkers with TPTB when they’re clearly playing a game of chess with us.

We Need to Be Mindful of Our Consumption Pattern

We need to be mindful of our consumption pattern. I cannot stress this enough as so few of us today pay any attention to the things we consume on a daily basis. By this I mean everything we consume, not just food, but also information, music and entertainment, the air we breathe and the smells we inhale. I love the analogy of junk food consumption to our health, so let me preface this portion of my podcast by stating that I am co-opting this idea from author and journalist Johann Hari.  Mr. Hari stated that we all understand that if we consume our daily diet at Jack in the Box, McDonalds, KFC and so on, that our subsequent poor health will be reflective of our junk food diet. However, he consequently stated that the vast majority of us fail to extend the importance of diet to our values that guide our lives, and that if we have junk food values and value money over relationships and material goods over spiritual health that we will suffer from high rates of depression, anxiety and stress. I believe that we can extend Mr. Hari’s brilliant analogy to all patterns of consumption as well. If we consume junk food information, than our beliefs will be full of propaganda and very little truth. If we pursue junk food education through the institutional academic system and never pursue self-education, then our critical thinking skills will also exist at a junk food level. If we breathe in toxic, junk air into our lungs, when we develop respiratory problems and bronchitis, we should not be surprised.

Toxic Information Consumption Leads to the Parasites Hijacking Our Minds and Turning Us into Victims of Stockholm Syndrome

If we ingest junk food music and entertainment, then we become vessels for forwarding the State message, like this “activist” Baratunde Thurston. In this video. Thurston aggressively pushes the State surveillance agenda in this video by ignorantly stating that those calling for an end to the lockdown are “endangering the elderly” and he heaps lavish praise upon Taiwan’s State monitoring of every citizen as a great solution that the US should be deploying, not realizing his ignorance in forwarding Orwellian-like prison agendas of the State and saving the State the trouble of having to brainwash the constituents to whom Thurston appeals. Ironically, Thurston does not realize that it his ignorance of the science behind the pandemic that leads to his ignorant berating of those that understand a blanket lockdown is unnecessary to stop the spread of the virus, and that a segmented strategy that does not require a blanketed lockdown and that would allow those that need to work to survive to do so would be an infinitely more effective strategy to implement while minimizing damage to people’s financial lives. Further, with greater irony, Thurston wears a snapback with the #SchoolsNotPrison, further revealing his lack of understanding of the Empire of Illusion in which schools today are far more concerned with conditioning children and young adults to be socially and behaviorally obedient to the narrative of the authority without any critical exposition, of which he is a prime example, than they are with educating and fostering great thinkers.

I know that some reading this paragraph will disagree with me strongly about my claim of Thurston’s ignorance. However, always understand, when it comes to State narratives, truth dwells in darkness, not light, and if the only information you have consumed is information dispensed by mass media, then you have not consumed the light but you have consumed toxic information. In order to prove this, simply research the methodology by which the mass media has compiled statistics about the number of infections and deaths that have resulted from the viral pandemic. Any critical thinker knows that a claim of “science says” is not robust enough to prove truth. If the methodology to gather data is heavily flawed, then the data is useless. I guarantee you that if you simply perform this simple exercise for thirty minutes, you will discover that all the arguments upon which Thurston bases his activism is derived from unprovable data extracted from heavily flawed methodology. If you’re unwilling to perform this exercise, then you are making a conscious choice to dwell in fear and darkness and not in power and light. Finally, if you browse the comment section for this video, you will discover that the ignorant are calling the educated “ignorant” and that the vast majority of viewers support Thurston’s lobbying on behalf of the State for greater surveillance, proof of the “as above, so shall it be below” Orwellian world in which nearly all critical thought is absent has become our unfortunate reality. Finally, if you browse the comment section for this video, you will discover that the ignorant are calling the educated “ignorant” and that the vast majority of viewers support Thurston’s lobbying on behalf of the State for greater surveillance, proof of the “as above, so shall it be below” Orwellian world in which nearly all critical thought is absent has become our unfortunate reality.

For those that are interested in learning more about this topic, I uploaded a 5-part series about this topic on my old, defunct YouTube channel more than nine years ago, which you can find by clicking the following links: Empire of Illusion: Part 1 (Unsound v. Sound Money), Part 2 (The Fake Academic System), Part 3 (The Delusional World of Fine Art, Music and Politics), Part 4 (Why We Succumb to Illusion Even When the Truth Stares Us in the Face); and Part 5 (The Truth Will Set You Free). However, if you watch any of these videos, please do not subscribe to the channel at which you find these videos as I have not uploaded any fresh new content to that channel in years. Please ensure that you subscribe to my new skwealthacademy podcast channel instead. Continuing with my theme that junk food consumption leads to junk food beliefs, most of us, in our entertainment consumption, employ woeful filters to the things we consume, and worse than even junk food consumption, most of our entertainment patterns revolve around toxic consumption. I remember years ago, I asked my friend if he had ever seen the Japanese film, Battle Royale, a cult classic. At this time, my friend was 23-years old and though I was older than him at the time, he dispensed some wisdom to me and told me that I shouldn’t watch, in his words “those kinds of movies.” If you have never heard of Battle Royale, to sum up its premise in a nutshell, it’s like a more violent version of Lord of the Flies, where Japanese school children, isolated on an island, are forced to kill one another to survive. At the time, even though I was never a horror film fan, I didn’t understand his words. I thought back then, watching such content, because I knew it to be fiction, and because I certainly didn’t subscribe to a premise that children should ever be forced to kill one another to survive, was completely harmless. It was simply a harmless horror movie to me. It wasn’t until years later, that I understood my friend’s advice and why watching such content is not harmless as I had previously thought (so a big up to my friend Shin Koyamada for understanding the perils of toxic entertainment consumption in his early twenties).

In any event, much of Hollywood is pure propaganda and the consumers of it do not even realize it. For example, after watching Zero Dark Thirty, the film about the capture and killing of Usama bin Laden that was prefaced with the “based on a true story” claim, I immediately knew that much of that movie was entirely fabricated. However, only after I researched its production further did I discover that the CIA had final script approval for that film, meaning that they read the entire script, censored portions of it they did not like, md added/modified additional scenes to paint the narrative they wished every consumer of the film to believe. Later, in having a conversation with a friend of mine that loved that film much more than I did and described it as “awesome”, I responded, “You do know that about half that film was complete fiction, right?” to which he responded, “What do you mean? That was a real event that actually happened.” I responded by asking him the following scenario. If the CIA relayed a story about a crashed plane, registered to their agency, in the Yucatan peninsula containing between three and six tonnes of cocaine, but denied any involvement in the drug smuggling operation because they  had sold the plane years ago without any hard evidence of doing so, would you believe this “official” story? My friend responded with a very robustly expressed, “No.” By the way, the above story was not hypothetical, but a real event that happened in September of 2016, with initial stories reporting that in addition to the tonnes of cocaine, several tonnes of heroin were also on board. Only later was the story redacted to omit earlier claims of the presence of several tonnes of heroin. Though it does not seem feasible that a reporter could mistakenly report the presence of several tonnes of heroin as one would not think that a reporter would make such a claim without actually directly witnessing the cargo himself, the presence of several tonnes of heroin was later reported to be a mistake. Expectedly, the CIA denied still owning the plane but documents that would have supported a title transfer of the plane were so flimsy and full of errors that no solid evidence existed of their claim. In any event, I consequently responded by asking my friend if he would not believe what seemed to be a fabricated denial about smuggling tonnes of cocaine and heroin into the United States from South America, then why he would  believe an equally implausible CIA fairy tale about the Usama bin Laden operation presented in the medium of film called Zero Dark Thirty? When he asked what I meant, I revealed to him the fact that the CIA had final script approval on the entire production, to which he then responded, “But yeah, that doesn’t mean they fictionalized the story. That could’ve meant they just wanted to ensure that the story was told as accurately as possible.” Of course, such a reply more often than not happens in conversations like this one, as people want to believe what they want to believe even when information that completely disputes their view is very robust.

In regard to our entertainment consumption, we should also take great care in the music that we consume and the music videos we watch, as programming through the biggest pop stars’ music and videos happens at a high level today. One of the biggest songs of the past decade was the Eminem/ Rihanna collaboration, “I Love the Way You Lie”, a video that currently has nearly 2 billion views on YouTube. To grant some perspective, “Gangnam Style” became the most watched video ever on YouTube in November 2012 with 808M views at the time. Among the lyrics are the following “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn/ Well, that’s alright because I like the way it hurts/ Just gonna stand there and hear me cry/ Well, that’s alright because I love the way you lie/ I love the way you lie” and “she effing hates me and I love it” and “If she ever tries to effing leave again/ Imma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire”. I know that many think I’m insane for saying we should be mindful of what lyrics we listen to or sing, but hundreds of millions of teenagers around the world sang these lyrics about their love of lies and of being hated and murdered, and believe that repeating such lyrics over and over again inflict no harm upon their psyche. If you are among those that don’t believe the repetition of such negative lyrics over and over and over again does not have a negative effect on your psychology and does not subtly change your views about such topics, then you don’t understand much about programming at all. If you heard these words in a conversation instead of a song and someone told you “I love the way that guy lies to me all the time”, most people will immediately respond to that  negative energy right away and walk away from such a conversation, not desiring to expose their psychological state to a negative person that will drain your energy. But disguise the exact same message in a song, and everyone is fine with their friends and kids singing the exact same words that we would outright reject were it not in lyrical form. So beware of the music you consume.

If everything we consume is toxic, TPTB don’t even need to apply a blanketed lockdown strategy that destroys our financial livelihoods to instill fear and learned helplessness in our psyches. We will do this to ourselves. If, however, we all realized that love is powerful, more powerful than hate and fear, then we would all be extremely mindful of the information and entertainment we consume. One point I failed to make in skwealthacademy podcasts #85 and #86, when I discussed the mission of TPTB to instill learned helplessness as a consequence of this global lockdown into the global population that a benefit they extract from doing this is to those that do not speak up, self-censor and fall victim to their learned helplessness ploy, they will be sentencing their children to a life of fear and learned helplessness as well. I 100% believe that those that make such decisions are well aware of the scientific studies in recent years that have postulated that fears are encoded in DNA and passed on for not just one generation but two generations before being weeded out of the DNA code. Studies conducted as early as 2013, in which rats were conditioned to pair the scent of a pleasant smell of cherries and almonds with fear by pumping their air with this scent while subjecting them to small electrical shocks revealed that not only did the rat’s pups react with the same fear to a scent that had never before evoked any kind of fear in the absence of any electrical shock, but that the second generation of rat pups also reacted with the same fear to the conditioned scent. Thus, TPTB likely believe that if the condition the whole world to be afraid, if they emasculate a large majority of the global male population through learned helplessness conditioning, and stripping populations of their freedom, that this will grant them control of the next two subsequent populations as well, as emasculated males will breed emasculated male sons for the next two generations. Even observing the devolution of how hardcore much of my martials arts training was when I initially started training to today, when many martials arts classes today will not put their students through any kind of fire in sparring sessions for fear of losing many students that cry after receiving a bruise or hard kick or punch, it would be horrifying if this timeline of decreasing masculinity in the world was being expedited by TPTB plan to instill learned helplessness in the entire global population.

The Massive Difference Between Learning v. Adopting Our Beliefs

We already receive enough junk news in the news we consume that we believe is factual. For example, in 2014, the editor of one of the largest German newspapers, Udo Ulfkotte, gave a teary confession that the CIA had paid him and other editors of large newspapers in France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand to plant fake stories and promote them as facts in his newspaper:

“I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public. I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why? Because I am pro-American…The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia. This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say… it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia”

Furthermore, Mr. Ulfkotte outed most American and European media journalists as “non-official cover”, meaning they had ties with alphabet intelligence agencies. When asked why he had chosen to reveal this truth after covering it up for decades, he stated that he was no longer fearful of angering the alphabet agencies as he had no children to whom he need to provide care. Unfortunately, just a few years later after revealing these truths, Mr. Ulfkotte died of a heart attack.  However, if you watch any of these linked videos, it should be crystal clear that the exact same tactics to demonize Russia that Mr. Ulfkotte explained was happening when he was chief editor of a German newspaper are the exact same tactics being deployed by TPTB to demonize China for the global economic fallout of our current viral pandemic, though clearly any person of any intellect, with minimal research into this topic, would understand that the vast majority of the negative economic impact worldwide was created by decades of Central Banker loose monetary policy in tandem with unforgiving, unsegmented blanket lockdown strategies v. the actual virus itself. If we do not wake up and voice the truths that we know, then lies and unknowns being spread as truth, like those being forwarded by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump to try to gain public support for a military war against China, will eventually transform into truth in the public consciousness.

Mike Pompeo has bombastically stated that there is “enormous evidence” while President Trump has stated he has seen “very strong evidence” that the virus escaped from a Wuhan biolab. The last time I checked, Mike Pompeo and President Trump have no scientific background in molecular and viral biology. I guarantee you I understand exponentially more about both of these subjects than both Trump and Pompeo. If the evidence is so overwhelming, release it, and let those of us that can understand the evidence assess its strength. This is all I’m asking. I’m not saying that Pompeo and Trump are lying to garner public support for a war against China, but I am unequivocally stating that it is dangerous for any among us, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, pro-evangelical Christian Pompeo, anti-evangelical Christian Pompeo, to blindly believe claims made with zero evidence. Show me the evidence and if it exists, I will gladly believe it. Otherwise, stop making unprovable claims and stating them as facts.  The irony of the final portion of this paragraph is that I have met people that hate, and hate is not too strong a word to describe their feelings, evangelical Christians, but yet believe everything Mike Pompeo states as truth with zero evidence, as long as it fits their anti-China narrative, which only exposes the massive holes in their critical thinking abilities. By the way for anyone that blindly believes their favorite State leaders, not just those that love Trump blindly, much of the US intelligence community, the community that would definitely release evidence if they had it, is on record stating that they have seen zero evidence that proves the virus came from the Wuhan lab. The last time we believed the words of UK and US State leaders that made claims as facts with zero evidence, we ended up with a war with Iraq that has still not ended decades later.

Lastly, if you believe that facts that are merely gathered, not learned, from US mass media are all facts, you need to filter this belief through the lens of this video, in which dozens of US news anchors repeat the exact same words from the exact same script about “fake news”, granting credence to Mr. Ulfkotte’s claims about many US journalists being agents of intelligence agencies and controlled like puppets. Yet, I guarantee that the vast majority of us have never thought about where our beliefs originate. If you have never seriously researched your beliefs, this means that most likely, you adopted, instead of learned your beliefs. The only beliefs that you ever should defend are beliefs you learned, not adopted. In fact, in one of the course of my online skwealthacademy online school, which I hope to release soon after this global pandemic lockdown ends, I present an exercise that will prove that most of us have never undergone the process of formulating our own beliefs but have merely accepted as fact, beliefs that were shoved down our throats. In other words, many of the beliefs we strongly embrace have never been vetted but merely adopted because someone else ordered us to believe them. I believe that every single person that eventually takes this course about critical thinking in my academy will be shocked, after completing the aforementioned exercise, when confronted with the realization that we have blindly accepted things we were told to believe for the majority of our lives rather than ever ascertaining whether or not they were actually true. In other words, the vast majority of our beliefs are adopted, not learned.

Small Lies Grow into Bigger Lies as We Progress through the Schooling System

For example, as a child I was told the sun was yellow and the sky was blue and blindly believed my teacher in grade school. Only when I was older did I learn that the sun was white, as it appears white from space where there is no atmosphere, and that the sky is completely clear, not blue, but given the refraction of the sun’s rays as it enters the earth’s atmosphere, it respectively scatters yellow and blue most strongly for the sun and the sky, making them appear yellow and blue most of the time. However, had I exercised a little common sense when I was six years old and was being told to believe that the sun was yellow and the sky was blue, I would have immediately realized this to be nonsense just by observing sunrises and sunsets, when at times the sun would change colors from yellow to fiery oranges, deep reds, and Bahamian pinks, and the sky would appear the same. Later in graduate school, I learned that nearly everything my professors taught me about money, banking and pricing mechanisms was completely wrong as well, and that is why I developed skwealthacademy, to inform people of financial market reality that is completely withheld from every school in the world at the current time.

We are constantly lied to all the time. Even in the course of my martial arts progression, as I explored many different styles including Kyokushinkai karate, jiujitsu, aikijitsu, northern shaolin gung fu, bagau and chin na, every martial artist I had but one, always told me that their style was the best of all styles, and their students, like parrots, parroted the same false belief. When I was training in aikijitsu, I recall a time a jiujitsu practitioner came into our dojo proclaiming that jiujitsu could defeat all other styles. So I conferred with another fellow student and said, “Let’s spar this guy and teach him he is wrong.” At first the jiujitsu practitioner responded by stating that he would spar us one on one but not two on one as I suggested, to which I replied, if jiujitsu is the best martial art in the world, superior to all others as you claim, then you should be able to use it easily to defeat two people. Do you think life is fair and that in every confrontation that you may find yourself in that people are going to wait to fight you one at a time? Two against one is a common fight situation in real life so you have to be able to deal with it. I finally got the jiujitsu practitioner  to agree to spar both of us. Our strategy to defeat him was simple. One of us would stay out of his reach, and whomever the jiujitsu practitioner chose to shoot and take down. Whichever one of us was taken to the ground would simply work on trapping his hands, arms and legs, so that even if his ground fighting skills were far superior to ours that it would still take him a while to choke us out. As it turned out, my partner was taken down by the jiujitsu practitioner, and as my partner tied him up, I took a tanto (short wooden knife) I had hidden in my gi and using the blunt end, simulated a couple of stabs on the jiujitsu practictioner by jabbing him with enough force that he felt them. I then announced that both my stab wounds were fatal insertions and that if this were real life, even if he were taken to a hospital, he would likely bleed out and be dead in about five minutes before he even arrived at the ER. The jiujitsu practitioner responded that it was not fair because he didn’t know I had a weapon, to which I responded with astonishment, “So you think in real life, the bad guys are going to announce to you that they have a weapon before using it on you? Why don’t you just tell them how you like to be stabbed as well, so you can prepare for that particular knife attack?”

In any event, I told the jiujitsu practitioner that we would run the sparring session back, and I promised that I would not utilize any hidden weapons. Again the jiujitsu practitioner took down my partner, I stayed out of his reach, and after both were entangled on the floor, I simulated a couple of soccer kicks and stomps to the jiujitsu practitioner’s head. Again, I announced that he would already be unconscious if this were a real life situation, after which the jiujitsu practitioner finally came to his senses and realized the ineffectiveness of jiujitsu against multiple attackers and realized that he would need to supplement his skills with some stand up skills were he to gain the competency to defend himself against more than one attacker. In conclusion, the jiujitsu’s practitioner’s belief that his art form was superior to all other martial arts styles in the world revealed everything that is wrong with schooling today. In his dojo, I am assuming that he only ever rolled with other students one on one and never was subjected to an attack by multiple attackers at his dojo, at least not to an attack by multiple attackers with any decent stand up skills. During my brown belt test for aikijitsu my sensei sent two attackers after me, sending a second attacker without warning about one minute into a one and one sparring test I was undergoing. I failed my first test for my brown belt because he told me my skill level was not good enough to adequately handle two attackers at that point in my training. I offered no complaint, even though the second attacker was a complete surprise and my sensei did not inform me before my test that I was going to be sparring two attackers at once. I didn’t complain because in real life, one must be prepared for the unexpected. But the difference between me, my colleague and the jiujitsu practitioner was that we were receiving training in all real life practical threatening situations whereas the jiujitsu practitioner was not. One of the major failures of all schools in all nations on planet Earth today is the dispensing of knowledge with no training of how to apply that knowledge to improve the student’s quality of life in the real world, which makes the bulk of knowledge dispensed in many school classes junk versus smart knowledge.

We Cannot Consider Ourselves as Free if We Are Unwilling to Express Ourselves

In so many instances, we are constantly lied to without realizing it because we do not receive the proper critical thinking skill development when we are young to spot a fraud. Therefore, for those that graduated with PhDs in economics and MBAs and that continue to believe a lot of the fraud that was passed on as truth inside these academic classrooms, I understand the inability to speak out until one resolves the delusions you were taught with the reality by which this world operates. However, for those that understand, or are even beginning to understand who this world operates, yet continue to remain silent, I have much less tolerance, especially if you are someone that wants to create a better future than the one that will be created if we stay on the current path our world leaders are taking us. In this case, you must practice love and speak out. Many of the truths that are known today in the world of money and finance are only known because of those of us that were willing to speak out and suffer the negative consequences of doing so. I started out this article by stating that the community of the honorable can defeat the community of the dishonorable because the honorable outweigh the dishonorable by many millions to one. However, I also stated that this can only happen if those that have remained silent for years finally start speaking out because the fact that we outweigh the dishonorable by many millions to one is absolutely meaningless if only a few among the billions of honorable are willing to speak out. Under the current situation we have, among those with voices, the dishonorable are far outweighing the honorable so the honorable are destined for defeat unless we all unite and find protection in our unity. For example,

TPTB tell us that fear is stronger than love in order to strip love of its power. We hear this nonsense all the time. We hear despotic rules in history stating that they would rather have people fear them than love them because there is more control through fear than love. It has been proven that fear elevates cortisol levels, creates more stress and breaks down our immune systems, and this serves as another layer of proof that the worldwide government lockdown response to the viral pandemic was not done in our best interest to protect us or even to protect the vulnerable and the elderly, as increased stress from the lockdown destroys immune systems rather than elevating them. However, if fear is stronger than love, then how did Gandhi free India from 89 years of oppressive colonial British rule in 1947 by preaching non violence and love? How did Bob Marley bring two opposition party leaders that hated each other during a civil war in Jamaica on stage and convince them to shake hands on 22 April 1978 in a concert appropriately named the OneLove Peace concert. Incidentally just two years prior in 1976, Bob Marley took to the stage just two days after suffering injuries from an assassination attempt by people that wanted to fracture Jamaica. In the course of the assassination attempt, 83 shots were fired into Bob’s home, and one bullet grazed his chest and lodge in his arm. When asked why he would go through with a concert just two days after he almost died, Bob stated, “The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”


In conclusion, I not only believe, but I know that love is a much more powerful force than fear, though we are taught the exact opposite. Furthermore, by most of us continuing to live in fear, refusing to comment on YouTube videos even though we would like to, by refusing to practice the power we have in numbers and community, and instead by practicing self-censorship, we continue to be our own worst enemies, causing our energies to vibrate at their lowest frequencies that give rise to stress, lack of self-awareness, lack of mindfulness and leaving vast amounts of our potential untapped. I believe that love is the binding force that gives strength to the paradigm of numbers and that for those of us that continue to live in fear, that we feed into the negative energy that gives parasites strength over us. Many of the issues of which I have spoken about, that many of you have been learning of for the first time on my new channel, I have been speaking of for more than I decade. Though the decoupling of paper and real physical gold and silver prices has become a hot topic in the last few months, I first spoke about this topic publicly more than 12-years ago when they appeared during the 2008 global financial crisis. And my relentless pursuit of truth in financial markets led to the eventual destruction of my first company as all major social media platforms relentlessly shadowbanned, censored and demonetized my content for doing so. I am not discussing this for any type of empathy, but only to state that I, of all people, understand the risks for speaking one’s mind. At the time, I was given a choice of shutting up about the truth and having my business continue to hum as it was, or of continuing to speak truth and being burdened with relentless pushback from the latter choice.

I would like to think that many of you reading this article understand a lot more about the delusions that exist in the global financial markets today because of my 15-year willingness to always speak truth about what I learned and observed in financial markets. I would also like to think that many of those that write articles about similar topics that I addressed twelve, thirteen, fourteen years ago that people avoided like the plague back then, such as banker manipulation of gold prices, for fear of the financial hit their businesses would take by speaking about such topics, were perhaps encouraged to start speaking publicly about these issues because I did so first, with no fear of any consequences of doing so.


I guarantee you that if I started a new island nation that was entirely cut off from internet, radio and television programming of the rest of the world, but still have all the other technology that existed in the world, and even music, film and news industries that were organically grown from the ground up without any pre-existing agendas or biases, that the people of this foreign nation, if exposed to the rest of the world’s belief system at age 21, would believe the rest of us to be mentally insane regarding our belief systems and how we came to formulate our belief systems from parroted adopted beliefs of others with virtually no learning process to formulate our beliefs. 

Do you agree that this would be the result of an island nation, even one of millions of people, if such a case developed in the real world? Why or why not?

Bruce Lee, in his seminal book, The Tao of Jeet Kun Do, stated, “When one is not expressing himself, he is not free. Thus, he begins to struggle and the struggle breeds methodical routine. Soon, he is doing his methodical routine as response rather than responding to what is.The fighter is always to be single minded with one object in view- to fight, looking neither backward or sideways. He must get rid of obstructions to his forward movement, emotionally, physically or intellectually.” I believe there is a warrior in all of us. We just need to stop self-censoring ourselves to find it. So take up the fight starting today. Fight and stop moving sideways, backwards, and running in quicksand. Fight, and even if your legs become heavy and weary, you will still be moving forward. Express yourself and freedom will come. Silence yourself and forever sentence yourself to a life of mental inferiority.

For those of you interested in listening to an audio podcast format of this article, please return here in a couple of days and you will find it posted here.

J. Kim

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