When All Assets Rise in All Currencies, It’s Time to Admit Central Bankers Have Broken the System

The four charts below clearly illustrate that central bankers have broken the system. The first show an asset rising just within the past year by 79% and 183% and over the past decade by 190% and 446% against four different fiat currencies. What is this asset? Is it a stock, bond, EFT, cryptocurrency or something else? Obviously it’s not a SPAC or NFT since the timeline in the above price rises dates back to 2010 in two of the charts.

Can you guess what the above asset or asset class is represented by the above charts? (i.e. tech stocks, energy stocks, green stocks, junk bonds, a class of ETFS, a specific cryptocurrency, etc.). I will give you a couple of clues. The above asset price has risen by the above percentages as denominated in four different developing nation’s currencies. In my opinion, by far, its greatest move in developed nation’s currencies has not yet happened and will happen in the next five to ten years. Secondly, despite the enormous price rises represented in the above charts, this asset is still one of the most underpriced assets today.

What is this asset?

J. Kim

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