What Really Caused the NYSE Shut Down For Nearly Four Hours on July 8th?

It appears that after yesterday’s market action, Apple (AAPL) shares will suffer the “sell the news” syndrome and that Microsoft (MSFT) shares will also suffer the same “sell the news” fate to their before market open announcement of a record quarterly net loss today. Still, despite the facts, the US mainstream news (CNBC) somehow was still able to conjure up the disinformation grease to spin MSFT’s record quarterly net LOSS into a positive disinformation headlines touting that MSFT’s earnings “topped analysts’ expectations”. Ironically, CNBC produced this disinformation headline about MSFT’s record quarterly loss just two days after it urged investors to “ignore [the coming] MSFT earnings and [to] buy the stock.” Well, which one is it, propagandist CNBC news? Is it “ignore MSFT earnings and buy the stock!” as you touted two days ago, and if so, then are we to ignore your story today that MSFT earnings “topped analysts’ expectations” and believe the truth that they really reported record quarterly net losses? Just follow the headlines from the same mainstream financial news source for more than a few days, and their own headline writers will trip over their own lies.


Even more importantly was the intraday selling behavior that surrounded AAPL, MSFT and other top components of the US S&P 500 on the day the NYSE shut down for nearly four hours on 8 July 2015. We are in the process of filming a short vlog in which we will show you why Central Bankers, and not a technical glitch from a systems update, likely decided to trigger a panic button and a NYSE shut down to prevent a full-blown US stock market crash from starting on July 8th. Subscribe to our maalamalama YouTube channel here and be among the first people to receive our notification of when we release our vlog explaining the REAL reason why the NYSE shut down for nearly four hours earlier this month.

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