What does maalamalama mean?

Aloha curiosity seekers! What does maalamalama mean? Besides being a Hawaiian word that means light of knowledge, brilliance, enlightenment, and clear perception, it is the site of an imminent launch of a comprehensive online education academy, skwealthacademy (smartknowledge wealth academy) that is the result of more than 10 years of blood, sweat and tears that will forever change how we think about education. skwealthacademy is a complete online wealth education academy of 20 courses that specifically address nine pillars of education and wealth building that I’ve identified as being nearly entirely absent both in modern academic classrooms and in all global academic business programs today. Though my university entrance examination scores in the top 98.5% percentile of the United States granted me admission to, and graduation from, a prestigious Ivy League university, as well as admission into two additional Master degree programs, including an MBA program, I found my multiple academic degrees to be terribly inadequate in preparing me for success in the real world, and nearly entirely useless in the pursuit of my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

What does maalamalama mean? The word maalamalama embodies the elements critical to our academy and wealth education. Among the elements critical to education that are largely absent in academic classrooms are the following four pillars: (1) critical thinking development; (2) ethical and moral responsibility in the pursuit of business profits instead of the pursuit of profits over all ethical considerations; (3) critical differences between unsound fiat currencies and sound money, and how the platform of fiat currencies contributes to the persistence of great suffering in the form of global poverty and hunger; (4) the bridging of the massive gap between knowledge dispensed inside academic classrooms and knowledge that can be applied in the real world;  and (5) the identification of life purpose as a viable goal to replace materialistic pursuits that have created elevated levels of loneliness, anxiety and opioid dependence in developed nations all around the world. Of course my 20 skwealthacademy cover much more than just these five topics, as many of my courses are devoted specifically to wealth strategies, including the best gold and silver ( ??, ? ) investment strategies that will enable one to build wealth during the great global economic crisis that is on the verge of manifesting now and that will manifest sometime between 2019 and 2024. However, these five important concepts serve as the foundation of all the courses offered in my online academy.

Though I will be posting a lot of freely accessible articles in the coming weeks and months on my blog and my new malamalama YouTube channel, for access to higher level private content until my malamalama.com website is officially launched, please consider supporting us by becoming a patron here. Our patron donations support our ability to continue posting free content on channels like this and our new YouTube channel. Please bookmark our blog and return frequently for new content. In the meantime you may also follow us on IG at maalamalama and download free podcast episodes at thetaoofskwealthacademypodcast.blubrry.net.

So, hopefully, now you know the answer to the question, What does maalamalama mean?

J. Kim

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