What Do Plummeting Copper Prices Mean for Our Global Economic Future?

What do plummeting copper prices mean for our global economic future? Copper prices have always been closely tracked by financial and economic analysts because of the belief that copper prices can serve as a weathervane for deteriorating or strengthening global economic conditions. Thus, copper has been dubbed Dr. Copper for its past prognostic capabilities. The biggest reason for this belief is due to copper’s multitude of industrial uses in motor parts, industrial machinery, piping, wiring, as a key ingredient in metal alloys, in electronics, and even in many military weapons and applications. In fact, Dutch bank ABN Amro tried to quantify this relationship and reported in a 2014 study that the price of copper was highly correlated to world trade, regional GDP growth in China, the United States and most European nations, and also many commodities, specifically oil and gold.

So, let’s take a look at the state of the continuous copper price chart at the current moment.

If we look at the above chart, we can clearly observe plummeting copper prices from a high of about $4.89/lb on 10 May to its current price of $4.12/lb, a significant 15.75% fall in price. Of course, much of this plummeting copper price has been due to the hysterical lockdowns reimplemented this past quarter that crushed the hope of global reopenings during Q1 in Pacific Rim nations and Asian nations vital to overall global economic health, in Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan. Of course, if  you listened to my podcast titled, “Why the Lockdowns Will NOT End Until 2023 (At the Earliest)”, then none of the recent developments in copper’s recent pullback in price should come as a surprise

I believe that the support zone I’ve drawn above for copper prices will hold and that copper prices will soon reverse this three-and-a-half month price dump and resume climbing higher again. However, the reversal and resumption in higher copper prices will not be due to copper’s prognostic abilities about global economic health conditions, but rather a symptom of Central Bankers’ destruction of global fiat currencies’ purchasing power that has manifested in an across the board price rise in commodity prices, as I’ve written about here.

There is little doubt we are witnessing an oligarchical deliberate destruction of global economies as a wealth preservation strategy for themselves, using the cover of covid inspired lockdowns (if you don’t understand this comment, then please search for my follow the money trail podcasts). One of the primary beneficiaries of this deliberate economic destruction will be commodity prices, but it certainly will not be for the usual reasons as we enter the next stage of this dangerous economic destruction game.

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