skwealthacademy’s John Kim Predicted This Cryptocurrency Would Crash to $1 in July 2021 When it Was at $76. It’s Less Than $9 Now. What Crypto Will Crash to $1 Next?

What Crypto Will Crash to $1 Next?

What crypto will crash to $1 next?

Timestamp for the publication of this article, per the BTC price prediction at the end of this paragraph: 6:50PM EST, 15 February 2021.

On 20 July 2021, I predicted that Million Coin (MM), when it was trading in and around $76, would crash to a price of $1 by the end of October 2021. Though this did not materialize, MM still fell by a staggering 78% in price after I issued my prediction before October 2021. And even when its price bounced back to $25 recently, I reissued my commitment to a $1 price prediction for MM  coin, on my patreon platform,  with an updated timeline of this prediction manifesting by the end of Q1 2022. My prediction that MM coin would crash by a staggering 98.7% to just $1 is documentable and provable on my patreon platform (though you will need to be a member to listen to that podcast, I issued that verifiable prediction at the 13m 50s mark of the aforementioned podcast). Since I extended the time line for my prediction to come true by just a few more months, MM has since crashed by 88.7% now to just $8.60 in February of 2022 with another month and a half remaining for that prediction to come true.

So what is the next cryptocurrency I’m predicting to crash to just $1? The cryptocurrency community will not like this answer, and will be likely to push back against this prediction a thousand times harder than they did against my “MM coin to $1” prediction. However, to fend off some of this criticism that I’m certain will come my way, I highly recommend reading this publicly available article on my news site published on 26 January 2021 titled, “Why I Disagree with Bloomberg about a New Bitcoin ETF Being Positive for BTC HODLers”. In that article that I published over a year ago, I described the reasons why I vehemently disagreed with the consensus analysis at the time that new bitcoin ETFs would finally provide a mechanism for vast cash reserves held by institutions to invest in BTC and therefore create a massively favorable BTC price surge. Back then, I believed that the introduction of new BTC ETFs would cause BTC prices to crater instead of to soar, and I explain my thinking in that article. Because my prediction, and not the consensus narrative about the relationship between new BTC ETFs and prices came true, I recommend reading that article to understand the many frequent flaws of consensus narratives and herd thinking.

Secondly, if you are an skwealthacademy patron and have not yet read this article, I also highly recommend you read my 9 February 2022 patreon post titled “Why USDT Regulation Will Cause Another Significant Dip in BTC Prices”.  Understanding the information I posted in these two articles is paramount to understanding why I believe that BTC, yes Bitcoin, could crash to $1 in price at some point in the future, with a significant amount of damage to BTC prices completed by the end of 2023. I understand that this is in direct opposition to the many BTC to the moon price predictions that included a statement in November of 2021 (when I issued a sell warning for BTC to my patrons at $66,000) by Kate Waltman, a CPA that specializes in crypto, that “the most knowledgeable educators in the space are predicting $100,000 Bitcoin in Q1 2022 or sooner.” What does that even mean?

If “the most knowledgeable educators” is code for the biggest scammers in the crypto space, I believe Waltman, the crypto “specialist” would have been spot on. And by the standards of other BTC “experts”, Waltman’s prediction would have been conservative. For example, BTC analyst, Plan B, who gained a massive following after a succession of accurate BTC price predictions, stated that the worst case scenario for BTC prices by the end of last year was $135,000. No wonder so many people to whom I spoke last November in the crypto community refused to exit BTC at above  $60k when I suggested my patrons sell at $66k. They must have been avid disciples of Plan B, and thus believed that a doubling of their investment in BTC by the end of 2021 from November was a “worst case” outcome.

Or perhaps this reality justifies not giving any predictive credibility to my BTC price crash prediction in this article, as my previously accurate MM coin predicted crash likely has little to no correlation for the future accuracy of my BTC prediction. Of course, while the correlation is likely to be very low regarding the accuracy of these two predictions, the reason I’ve outlined my verifiable accurate MM coin crash prediction is simply to reinforce that I always have credible, educated premises as the basis of my price predictions, and that they are never based upon wild, likely-to-be false speculations. Finally, even more outrageous than Plan B, ARK investments CEO Cathie Wood issued a $500,000 BTC price prediction in May of 2021, though she did not grant a timeline for her prediction.  

That said, let me make a very important distinction between these two predictions. When I predicted MM coin would lose 98.7% of its price and crash to $1, there was a premise behind this prediction just as there is a premise (provided in the links above) behind my BTC price crash premise. Though you may think it absurd that the answer to my question, “What crypto will crash to $1 next?” is BTC, if you bear with me for the rest of this article, you just may discover that this premise has a lot more validity than what you may have believed it possessed at first read.

Rather, the speculation behind my premise is mostly educated conclusions drawn from a preponderance of evidence that points to a conclusion that contradicts the dominant narrative about not only the origins/creator of BTC, but also completely opposite of the dominant narrative that increased regulations of cryptocurrencies will be crypto price helpful versus crypto price hurtful. And for the curious out there that may not be able to read all the information in the links above, no, my premise for my BTC price crash prediction is nothing as absurd as Peter Thiel’s belief that BTC is a Chinese financial weapon, as he forwarded in an interview nearly a year ago.

However, just as the vast majority of BTC investors dismissed my take that the introduction of new BTC ETFs would be BTC price hurtful rather than helpful, simply due to the fact that the preponderance of BTC “experts” disagreed with my take, I expect most to dismiss my take that BTC could actually crash to $1. Though many may believe this take to be a clickbait title, and that perhaps I only believe that a crash to $1,000 or $10,000 is possible, but  not one to $1, I truly mean $1. Why? Well if my take above on regulations turns out to be as correct as my take on the effect new BTC ETFs would have on BTC prices, BTC may go the way of the dinosaur and become defunct. And if that happens, its price of course would go even lower than $1 all the way to zero.

I know that my take will be viewed as absurd by well over 99% of the BTC community, so I want to acknowledge the difference between the premises that backed my MM coin 98.7% price prediction crash that has already largely come true and my BTC price prediction crash. The distinction between the two premises is the following. The premise behind my MM price crash, explained in my 20 July 2021 patreon post, was much more provable than the premise behind my BTC price crash. However, and this is a truly important point to ingest, despite the provability of my MM coin price crash premise, the delusions of MM coin holders that continued to believe the price would surge much higher after my prediction persisted from the time of my prediction on July 2021 all the way up until this year until about the time MM coin descended below $20 or so.

Consequently, even though the premise backing my MM coin price crash prediction was far more provable – not far more substantial, but just provable –  those invested in MM coin largely ignored my premise and continued to hold on to hope that the price of MM coin would make a roaring comeback that never happened. These delusions were widespread, as can be confirmed by merely searching for and reading online discussion threads in which MM coin hodlers remained bullish about future price prospects during the entirety of its price crash until it finally went sub-$20 or so in price.

Though the premise behind my MM coin price crash that has since manifested was far more provable than the premise behind my BTC coin price crash, despite the premise I laid out to support my prediction, it was still largely ignored by all MM coin holders. Therefore, I don’t expect anyone to take my BTC price crash prediction seriously, even though I’ve researched the premise behind my BTC price crash prediction far more extensively and exhaustively than the research I conducted that gave rise to my MM coin price crash prediction, and therefore, have even more faith in this prediction than the MM coin prediction.

And what if my prediction does not manifest by the end of 2023? The most difficult predictions to make are one with timelines, but just as most of the institutions that shorted the MBS market in the mid-2000s were ridiculed when their positions went majorly south for the first year to two years of their bets, this did not make their bets wrong. In fact, their bets turned out to eventually be completely right to the tune of billions of dollars of profits. Thus, even if the timeline of my prediction fails to manifest, unless the basis of my premise for this prediction is destroyed over the next two years (and I don’t think it will be), then I won’t abandon that prediction.

And just to throw everyone a bone, even though many in the bitcoin community (not sure if it’s the consensus opinion right now) have stated BTC is now on the path to much higher prices due to cash inflow statistics, by the factors I use to judge immediate term prices, with BTC at precisely $44,360.47 and ETH at $3,171.25 at 6:35PM EST I type this sentence and get set to publish this on my news site in just a few minutes, I’m observing conditions more predictive of a price reversal in the immediate term for both BTC and ETH (the next few days to weeks) than continued higher prices.

J. Kim

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