We’re in a Raging Bear Market for Honor & Integrity Today

Today, we’re running a huge deficit in honor and integrity in everything affiliated with the banking industry, from falsified Enron-like accounting of financials by banks, to banker rigging of global stock markets, commodity futures contracts, forex and LIBOR rates in the US, Europe, Japan & China, to billionaires that have no ethics & principles when it comes to making a buck, and a misguided penchant of society to exclusively define success based upon the accumulation of vast material wealth. Last week, I spoke of 6 and 7-sigma events that statistically should be occurring with extreme rarity that have now been occurring with alarming frequency. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that global financial services has no foundation in honor and integrity and instead is rooted in fraud, deceit and thievery.  Consider that just since 25 August 2015, the Tokyo Nikkei Index, due to incessant BOJ (Bank of Japan) meddling and manipulation, has yo-yo’d from short-term lows to short-term highs more than an astounding 6,600 points, down another 776 points today as I type this after soaring by its largest one-day point gain in 7 years the preceding day. No wonder, as no mainstream media publication or TV “news” show ever discusses the true reasons behind what is causing such instability in global financial markets, that very few people in this world truly know what to do with their money and believe that every day in the global financial world is nothing more than just a wild crap shoot. But you can make sense of these seemingly rudderless price movements if you understand that it is all driven by fraud. At maalamalama we’ve been moving in and out of markets for the past several weeks, shorting most markets with great success this year based upon our understanding of this fraud.


Add to this discussion  a definition of “success” that is so off base from what it should be, and one that focuses on only the gathering of money that it causes most people to pursue greed over honor, material wealth over their true passions in life, and to even accept spiritual death over creativity, and we have the perfect cocktail for an empty and meaningless life. How do we infuse our lives with meaning again? Pursue activities that improve the lives of people around you instead of activities that hurt people, and pursue your passions over pursuing monetary wealth only. Yes, money is important, but it is not the alpha and the omega as many in this world make it out to be. Below, you will find two maalamalama vlogs that address this very topic.

skuvlog006click the above image, then click “watch on YouTube” to play

vlog007click the above image, then click “watch on YouTube” to play

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