Use the Golden Rule Daily to Make Everyone’s Life Better

Today we  take a break to extend our “Curiously Thirsty” series and we discuss how daily application of the Golden Rule can not only improve your life’s outlook but also perhaps help to change the outlook and consciousness of those around us that are unfortunately working to enslave, instead of free, humanity. At maalamalama, we firmly believe that negativity breeds and welcomes negativity while positivity breeds and welcomes positivity. Sometimes it is up to us, and our choice, on whether we have a wonderful day or a horribly pessimistic day. In such uncertain economic times with volatility in financial markets at all-time highs and Central Bankers’ currency wars escalating and spreading misery around the world, often it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook on life. However, simple remembrance of the power of the Golden Rule can often help us maintain a positive outlook when immersed in a negative environment and ha s transformative power to even change the negative people into a positive force for humanity.
In recent days, the Swiss Franc soared 37% in minutes against the Euro when Central Bankers reneged on a promise to keep the franc pegged to the Euro. March oil futures plunged by 8.7% yesterday, wiping out people, in just one day, that had gone long in oil markets on recent oil futures strength. These whiplash volatile events are not only indicative of the broken and structurally fragile nature of global markets today, but also a sign of the desperation of bankers to maintain manipulative control of the immoral wealth transference power of their fraudulent pricing mechanisms established within the global financial and banking system. This type of volatility should signal to the last doubters out there that bankers manipulate all capital markets and that the prices of stocks, real estate and commodity literally have nothing to do with real supply and real demand at times, but is instead steered solely by bankers that manipulate the underlying derivative contracts of these capital markets and that artificially set interest rates.
The currency wars that bankers have unleashed upon the world is wreaking havoc today on the financial livelihoods of people on every continent. As people rebel against the bankers’ imposition of austerity as is currently happening in Greece, Spain and in many other countries, it becomes even more important to apply the Golden Rule if we wish to avoid a devolution into violent chaos. Instead, we should all strive  to evolve into a higher consciousness where we consider if our gains in business come at the expense of creating poverty and hardships for others. There are so many people in today’s world, that would drastically change the manner in which they conduct business into a positive force for society instead of being a drain on society, if they only applied the Golden Rule. We have seen from the study of political revolutions, that often when one dictator is toppled in a country, another dictator unfortunately rises from the ashes to repl ace him.  We should be extremely wary of these historical lessons, and while we should join our brothers and sisters in Greece, Iceland, and Spain to topple our current immoral fraudulent platforms, we should be very mindful and practice The Golden Rule to ensure that other power hungry people do not rise up to assume the power void to establish an equally tyrannical banking and financial platform to replace any toppled one. I believe that staying mindful of the Golden Rule will help us to implement a new banking platform that will give rise to equal opportunity for all and that will help establish a new renaissance and positive outlook for all of humanity, when this time eventually arrives (and it will).  
A lot of people today are unaware that the “pull yourself up by your bootstrap” narrative has never been a fair saying or an accurate representation of global economic poverty as the type of banking system that has existed for more than a century has been one that overtly provides massive advantages to the uber wealthy while placing those in the middle class and the poor several kilometers behind them at the starting line (though this is a topic for another day, this is a topic that is factually correct and can be explained through a simple revelation of how our “modern” banking system truly operates today). In fact, under our current banking system, it is nearly impossible for the 3 billion people in this world that live in poverty to get out of poverty, simply because at the rate bankers are degrading the purchasing power of fiat currencies today, a jump in their salaries from $2 a day to $4 a day won’t even make a difference in their quality of life.
While we certainly require a revolution against the ongoing currency wars, we must remember, central to any revolution that spreads positivity to humanity is love, not hate. Below, I speak about the power of the Golden Rule and how we can use this simple maxim daily not only to improve our lives but to improve the lives of those that surround us, even if these people are negative. Give daily practice of the Golden Rule a try and experience its transformative power in your life!
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