US Central Bankers Will Quickly Cut the Fed Funds Interest Rate Now

US Central Bankers to cut interest rates back to zero

Now that US stock markets have started declining, not because of the coronavirus pandemic, but because the coronavirus popped the Bubble of Everything as I had predicted more than a month ago here,  it is now very likely that another one of my past predictions will now come true later this year – that US Central Bankers will quickly cut the Fed Funds interest rate back to the 0.00% to 0.25% that existed following the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis they created. And depending on what happens between now and the middle of this month, the interest rate cut is likely to be at least 50 basis points and perhaps even as large as 75 basis points. In fact, on 5 August of last year, seven months ago, I published an article titled, “The Real Reason Central Bankers Cannot Raise Interest Rates” that dated back to their response to the 2008 global financial crisis. In that article, I stated, “If you understand the opening paragraph of this article, there simply is no future behavior to predict” as the only choice Central Bankers had was to cut the Fed Funds interest rates in the future back to near zero levels. Furthermore, in that article, I stated, “the inevitable collapse of the Central Banker created Bubble of Everything” was coming and could not be stopped, no matter even if Central Bankers cut the Fed Funds interest rate back to zero.

Central Bankers also understood that their lowering of interest rates back to zero later this year would levitate gold and silver prices, so perhaps this understanding was the impetus for their savage suppression of gold and silver prices once gold reached $1,690 per ounce and silver reached $18.90 per ounce early last week. In any event, the global currency wars that once dominated financial news media site headlines never went away, even though they disappeared from mass media headlines. With the US stock market dump now certain to trigger more rapid interest rate cuts than previously planned, the global currency wars, in the race to devalue fiat currencies to nothingness, will also resume with a vengeance. Just don’t call it a comeback, because they had never ended.

J. Kim

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