Why Understanding Truth in Politics Greatly Increases Understanding Truth in Finance

truth versus lies and the power of discernment

Realizing how the process of understanding truth in politics can greatly increase the process of understanding truth in finance is vastly underrated and underappreciated. Regarding my blog articles and podcasts, in which I write and speak about topics of finance, money, education and critical thinking, I occasionally also address political events and current news, such as the veracity or falsehood of mainstream narratives about the Douma chlorine gas attacks in Syria. And often in response, many ask, “Why do you speak of politics on channels devoted to issues of global finance, wealth building and critical thinking development. What does politics have to do with critical thinking skills and understanding truth in finance?” My answer, to the surprise of many, is always, “Everything.” To begin, a complete understanding of the truth, in a world that has deliberately placed actors into roles of news anchors and news reporters (i.e. Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, etc.) that are willing to sell out and spout outright lies in return for positions of prominence and money, is naturally becoming increasingly complex.

Consequently, those that control and own a nation’s major media distribution channels always manipulate citizens that only source their news only from these channels into a wide spectrum of beliefs that neatly fit into the narratives that they want all citizens to believe. And as those in power are increasingly exposed for their ties to unsavory undertakings ( Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile sex-trafficking ring, the lies of the neo-con war machine, the Central Bankers’ drive to increase wealth inequality around the world, etc.), then it should be self-evident that we should not trust the news sources that they control. Unfortunately, things that should be self-evident often are not, like understanding truth in finance.

The development of critical thinking skills, whether applied to understanding truth in finance or politics, requires an ability to separate fact from fiction, of which the battleground of politics provides ample and rife grounds to test one’s abilities in this arena.  Secondly, a book that I recommend everyone read, War is a Racket, written by US General Brigadier Smedley Butler, clearly outlines the intimate relationships and connections between global bankers and global wars. I have linked a free download link of this seminal book above for anyone curious enough to read it. Thus, the understanding of political events is inextricably linked to the understanding of the direction of global financial issues. Thirdly, in the development of our critical thinking skills, the easiest arena in which we can be convinced that something in which we believe is a lie is a topic to which we have zero emotional attachment. Consequently, if we believed that Zimbabwe produced the most platinum per year in the world and somebody corrected us by informing us that South Africa, not Zimbabwe, was the largest platinum producer in the world, not many of us are going to push back that hard against this fact. Instead, we can easily admit we were wrong, accept the facts, and move on with our lives.

However, often when someone corrects our misconceptions about a political event, not with a dissenting opinion, but with dissenting facts and documented evidence, if our allegiances are to the nation that is being presented in a poor light by the provided facts and evidence, it is more likely than not, that we will push back hard against the factual evidence and often even sadly dismiss the evidence altogether without considering it at all. In order to maintain our beliefs in the exceptionalism and moral superiority of our nation, many of us demonstrate allegiance to our nation rather than allegiance to truth, morality and facts. And for these reasons, I believe that it is impossible to ever encounter a sharp critical thinker that has never taken the time to inspect many topics about which he or she possesses elevated emotional ties, and consequently worked through a process, difficult at times, to reach an evidence-based conclusion that demonstrated his or her original belief was incorrect. Because strong emotions often blind our vision from reality, this is why we can visit any sports-related forum, and witness a plethora of comments from seemingly otherwise intelligent people that are devoid of not only logic, but also of common sense. As a corollary to this argument, it is therefore impossible to encounter an educated person that has consistently sourced all of his or her beliefs from mainstream news narratives for his or entire life.

And because of these conclusions that I’ve drawn above, I have deliberately chosen to discuss controversial political events on occasion on my blog and on my podcasts, as I believe that the only way to light up the darkness and forward the progression of truth and understanding of truth in finance around the world is to consistently convince people to consider alternative or dissenting views for which they originally may hold a considerable amount of disdain. Furthermore, because many people may hold disdain for an alternative or dissenting perspective does not mean that the dissenting view is wrong.  This is an extremely important point to understand, so I am going to repeat it.  Because many people may hold disdain for an alternative or dissenting perspective does not mean that the dissenting view is wrong. In fact, in many debates about political events, it is the dissenting, minority view that is correct while the majority consensus view is the false view.

In addition, we all should understand that just as heads of State carry out and execute false flags in the global political arena, global bankers likewise carry out and execute many false flags in the global financial arena, meaning that they often present falsehoods as facts in the public arena of mainstream media. If this were not true, than many more among us would have accurately predicted the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis before it happened (as I did in this article I published on 23 April 2008) and then would have never written about how it was “unforeseeable” after it happened. The only reason many believed that the 2008 global financial crisis was “unforeseeable” and “unpredictable”, as was the consensus among mainstream financial “pundits” back then, was because they ingested and believed all the false flag financial articles written by the banking establishment about the health of the economy instead of seeking out alternative sources of information for the truth.

And for all the reasons stated above, I consistently speak about the necessity to connect dots that are never connected by mainstream media talking heads for those that possess the genuine levels of curiosity necessary to uncover truth from the fog of propaganda, such as in these two videos titled “Follow the Money: Connecting the Dots” and “How False Flags Destroy Moral Constitution and Critical Thinking”. In regard to the global financial world, I’ve consistently discussed how Orwellian doublespeak in which global bankers have transformed the “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” meme to serve their own purposes in the global financial world, and in the process, have convinced the great majority of us that “Up is Down, Right is Left, and Immoral is Just”. 

In the last three articles I’ve posted on my blog titled, “The Shocking Answer to Who is Buying US Government Debt”, “The Quality of Life Will Continue to Worsen for Future Generations Due to Fractional Reserve Banking and MMT” and “Don’t Be Distracted from Reality by the Overinflated US Stock Market”, I discuss how US Central Bankers’ games of musical chairs with a continued issuance of an Everest of US debt, the perpetuation of a current inequitable and immoral global banking system (as hinted at, but not explained by billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio recently), and an intensification of stock market bubbles and military theater operations are often deployed by TPTB as distractions from the worsening reality of the economic infrastructure that brews beneath the surface, unreported by the mainstream financial media. It is paramount that we understand the distraction game deployed by those in power in order not to be led astray in our financial decisions in the future, especially preceding and during the second half of 2020.

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J. Kim

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