Two Questions Everyone Should Be Able to Answer About Wealth Preservation

In the below video, I address two questions that everyone making any decisions about wealth preservation, either for himself/herself or for a third party, should be able to answer succinctly, easily and clearly.  This should not require at most, more than a few minutes of research to answer if you understand the facts about all fiat currencies (not just US dollars) being illustrated by the two below questions. For anyone that truly understands these global currency wars and the necessary steps that must be taken to preserve wealth, these two questions should be relatively easy to answer. For those whose thought processes remain confined within the narrow lens of mainstream financial propaganda wars, these may be very difficult questions to answer. I will be back in one to two weeks to provide the answers to these questions.

how $50,000 + $50,000 can equal $62,090

Please click on the above photo and click on the link “Watch this video on YouTube” to find out what are the two questions everyone should be able to answer.


In the meantime, in our monthly connect the dots game, the efforts of US bankers to police and punish European banks for actions taken by very US banks and corporations in which no punishment is administered is not going unnoticed. This has resulted in a call for revolt in Germany and France against the US in which these countries are starting to quietly distance themselves from the US dollar.  In the meantime, respected voices like former US cabinet member Paul Craig Roberts continue to question the legitimacy of the US banker supported narrative of Malaysian Airlines MH17, for which no evidence has yet been presented that proves either Ukraine’s or Russia’s innocence. The most disturbing aspect of this news story is that willingness of people to accept a narrative with zero proof that the narrative is true. Innocent before proven guilty seems to be dead as a concept with the mainstream media these days.


Furthermore, a “glitch” recently halted all online and ATM transactions for the second largest bank in the entire world, the China Construction Bank. With an ongoing cyber and financial war between China and the US widely known, I am surprised that no one has connected the dots of this electronic failure possibly being attributable to a hack of the Chinese electronic banking system.  Although this is pure speculation, given the stern warnings given by Washington to China and Russia to not stop using the US dollar in their international trade agreements, I am surprised that this option has not yet been discussed by anyone in the media as of yet.


As nearly all the world’s political events (Malaysian Airlines MH17, the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, massive fines for French BNP Paribas bank while US and UK banks receive slaps on the wrist for manipulations of LIBOR and Forex rates, etc.) can be traced back to the struggle of global bankers to maintain USD hegemony over the world and half the world’s population (the BRICS nations plus Germany, France, possibly Japan) moving away from the US dollar, one must be intelligent enough to understand that the narratives being sold about such conflicts are steeped in disinformation and propaganda from all sides. Therefore one must really dig well below the surface of mainstream media to arrive at the truth.


When people think of the most brainwashed people on earth, they often think of North Koreans. However, most people are unaware of just how insane the level of propaganda that Kim Jong-un (and his father Kim Jong-il) fed to North Koreans on a daily basis in order to convert them into their delusional states of mind that they arrive upon in adulthood. From the time a baby boy or girl is born in North Korea, the head of state feeds them a narrative that they have god-like powers and can read all citizen’s minds. Believe it or not, people in North Korea were amazed that Kim Jong-il even died because they literally believed him to be immortal. In addition, almost all North Koreans even fear thinking anything negative about the administration because they believe that their “leader” can read their minds and that they will be thrown in jail if they have negative thoughts about the administration.


Though these beliefs seem foolish, silly and incomprehensible to us, many of us today hold beliefs about money equally as foolish because of the false narrative that bankers have sold to us about money from the day we were born. Even though I predicted the US stock market crash of 2008 before it happened, predicted the failure of Wall Street banks that happened, predicted events like Cyprus banks stealing 47.5% of deposits from customers with more than 100,000 euros, and failures of banks like the Portugal Banco Espirito Santo would wipe out shareholders and creditors (just search my YouTube channels for warnings to exit the global banking system as fully as possible), all it takes for all these warnings to be dismissed is a President, Prime Minister or Central Banker reassuring the populace to stay calm one the lie that “economies are strongly recovering now!”


In fact, anyone that truly understands the factual history of money would tell you that people that believe that fiat currencies backed by nothing with zero intrinsic value are “safe” are as North Koreans that believe their president has god-like powers. Sometimes it’s just assumption of the proper perspective that reveals whether any of us share similar delusional beliefs with North Koreans. This week, in upcoming newsletters, to promote truth against the tidal wave of propaganda that dominates all mainstream media, we will explore the narrative of the reasons behind growing global wealth inequality all over the world and separate fact and fiction and to provide a clearer understanding of this growing problem.


For those that would like to be more proactive in taking steps to preserve wealth in the face of these ongoing Currency Wars, please check out our book “The Golden Gift” available in paperback and for the kindle and the nook on both Amazon and on Lulu. If possible, please purchase as an e-book as this will enable us to donate more money to the orphanages to whom we are donating proceeds.


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