Two Mind Boggling Financial Charts Receiving Zero Press Due to the Pandemic

Below are two mind boggling financial charts that are literally receiving no attention at all from the mass financial media due to the 24/7 continuing coverage of a viral pandemic that poses practically zero threat to anyone under the age of 50 that is of good health (according to two studies conducted by Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and the latest research from the US Centers for Disease Control).

US Federal Balance sheet expanding out of control in 2020
the US Central Bank balance sheet has exploded higher in 2020 after already being bloated beyond absurdity at the start of the year
rapid decline of US corporate junk bond yield will not last
the rapid decline in the US corporate junk bond yield from a high of 11.38% to now just a bit above 7% has built a false illusion of US market stability

If we observe the two charts above, does any sane person really believe that a 83% increase in the US Central Bank balance sheet in just the past seven months is a development that will lead to sustained market stability and fiat currency stability in the future? Furthermore, after spiking to 5-year highs, the US corporate junk bond yield has collapsed in the past few months, providing false hope to many market participants that the market is once again stabilizing. By year end, I predict that the US junk bond yield will make a new high that is higher than the one shown above.

The fact that the financial press continues to ignore massive red flags in the global financial system that point to a much worse impending phase 2 of our ongoing global financial crisis also exposes the fact that they have been completely co-opted by the parasitic class to keep the public uninformed of the financial perils that lie ahead for the remainder of this year to protect the interests of the billionaires.

J. Kim

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