Truth is the Ultimate Black Swan

truth is the ultimate black swan in global financial markets

Truth is the ultimate black swan. All other black swans are a myth. Financial websites are littered with articles written by people trying to predict the next black swan event that will usher in the implosion of the global Bubble of Everything, even though, by definition, a black swan is as unpredictable an event as Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide should have been. In reality, truth is the ultimate black swan because though financial truth remains hidden from the masses, it is always there, and no one can predict the exact timing of when the public will awaken from the stupor of delusion created by the world’s political, academic, and banking leaders to embrace the truth. The realization of the truth about sham economic conditions, labeled by the ignorant as “robust”, built on the fragile foundation of relentless Central Banker creation of trillions upon trillions of fiat currencies out of thin air, is the only true unpredictable event. The eventual collapse of the Bubble of Everything, as was the case with the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis, certainly is predictable.

What will be the trigger point at which truth implodes the Bubble of Everything? Will the trigger point be realization of the truth by 5%, 8%, or 20% of the population? Recent anthropological studies conducted with birds illustrated that when birds were able to observe another bird solving a puzzle box to receive a reward of a hidden mealworm, they increased their puzzle solving skills  by 14% a day versus a control group that was not provided with a “teacher” bird. At this rate, except for the small percentage of birds in the observation group that were simply incapable of learning by observation, nearly all birds in the observation group would have been able to solve the puzzle box and receive their reward of a hidden mealworm within a week’s time. Those that control financial news and distribution also are aware of the exponential rates at which truth spreads and consequently have worked tirelessly to censor all monetary truth from all business academic programs worldwide and ensure that all financial news distributed on mainstream media channels is absent of truth. If truth was widely disseminated about global financial and economic conditions, the BOE (Bubble of Everything) would never have lasted as long as it currently has endured.

I am sure that most of you have heard the saying that irrational markets can last longer than an investor can remain liquid. The reason behind this phenomenon is not transparent to the naked eye but does not require much detective work to solve. When John D. Rockefeller sold all of his stocks immediately prior to the 1929 US stock market crash that ushered in the worldwide Great Depression and subsequently purchased gold immediately before gold prices soared, he was asked by a reporter about his impeccable timing. Rockefeller replied that his very deliberate actions were just a product of fortuitous timing and good luck. Of course, by “good luck”, Rockefeller meant that his hand in creating highly distorted US stock market prices and in weakening the US dollar to help the Bank of England stop the British run on gold gave him inside knowledge of the inevitability of a US stock market crash and subsequent soaring gold prices. Consequently, he merely was opportunistic in taking advantage of a situation he had created to reap enormous riches.  

Before every crisis, there is always an exit window provided to those in the know, and this is the reason bubbles keep bubbling for extended periods before they pop. Before the 2008 US stock market bubble popped, I wrote an article that preceded the crash by a mere three weeks, in which I warned of the fragile nature of the US stock market and its impending implosion, titled Will US Stock Markets Crash Now or Later? If we look at insider corporate selling of US stocks over the past year to two years, not only has insider selling remained at elevated levels for two years, but it was also executed in the most deceitful of manners, often peaking after very publicly distributed media announcements of share buybacks that were intended to signal to retail investors the existence of a buying opportunity in that stock.  In June 2019, according to data compiled by Trimtabs, corporate insiders sold $8 of stock for every $1 they purchased. Furthermore, Trimtabs reported that corporate insiders sold $17.6B of US stock this past May and June, which represented the highest 2-month selling volume in more than a year. Though, of course, elevated selling from corporate insiders doesn’t necessarily signal that a crash is imminent, as corporate insider behavior can’t be viewed, in it of itself, as an imminent indicator, it does, at a minimum, express concern of US corporate executives over the sustainability of the US stock market bubble.

Though the past decade of US stock market behavior was nothing more than the re-inflation of a distorted asset price bubble on the back of irresponsible unsustainable Central Banker monetary policy, bankers, and economists and politicians beholden to Central Bankers lauded the re-creation of massively distorted, unsustainable asset prices as a robust recovery in a decade in which they spread relentless delusional propaganda. Consequently, truth is the ultimate black swan and nothing more. When truth finally burrows her way into the public consciousness and causes the realization that multiple unsustainable asset bubbles have reached the apex of their gorging behavior, the Bubble of Everything will implode and choke in her own vomit. Though many red flags have been flashing for the past 12 months, no red flags of record levels of inside corporate selling, or even the inversion of 2 and 10-year Treasury bond yields, can ultimately compete with the truth. If you have yet to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter, you may do so here. I will release a newsletter soon that will document many of the predictions I have publicly made over the past 12-months (with many on my social media accounts) that have since come true.

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