When I Discovered that Truth Was Dangerous, and Escaping the Insidious Perception Management Game

Discovering Truth is Dangerous

Things are passed off as truth all the time that are unknowns. One of the biggest unknowns passed off as truth for decades, ever since this theory was presented by Shell geologist M. King Hubbert in the 1950s, was his theory of peak oil, in which Mr. Hubbert predicted US oil prediction would peak in 1970 and global world oil production would peak in 2000 at 34Mbpd. When President Obama took office in America, daily oil production rose every year he was in office and in the last year of his tenure, in 2016, daily US oil production actually exceeded the peak daily US oil production of 1970. Furthermore, Hubbert’s global oil peak production also failed to come true in 2000, and in response, online sources like the Encyclopedia Brittanica have resorted to revisionist history, stating that M. King Hubbert predicted global peak oil would happen somewhere between the beginning and the middle of the 21st century around 2050, even though Mr. Hubbert clearly stated that global peak oil would happen by 2000. In fact, global oil production, after declining into the early 1980s, has risen every single year since then and is well over 80Mbpd now. And though oil prices just plunged to $20 a barrel this month, collapsing oil prices does not necessarily mean that supplies are booming on collapsing demand, though certainly the recent global viral pandemic has contributed to both of these conditions. For example, just as massive speculation and banker fraud contributes to futures prices of gold and silver that do not match the supply and demand determinants of the physical world, the same happens with oil prices as well.

The manifestation of highly volatile and irrational oil prices between 2007 and early 2011 clearly illustrated the massive fraud that happens in oil futures markets, when oil prices rose from $50 to $150 a barrel in just six months, then collapsed to $40 a barrel over the next seven months, and then slingshot rebounded to well over $100 a barrel in the next 27 months. Finally, M. King Hubbert’s theory was always based on a bunch of unknown speculations, as the heaviest producing oil nations have always been non-transparent about their oil reserves. OPEC nations, especially the Kingdom of Saud, heavily guards it oil reserve data as a State secret and a matter of national security. Therefore, the fact that Hubbert’s peak oil theory has been amended by dozens of analysts since 1970, with each oil analyst amending Hubbert’s theory by stating that Hubbert’s peak oil prediction was wrong and then providing the correct year global oil production will peak, is all based upon wild speculations and unknowns that should never be taken seriously.

I heavily research all the information I present on my podcasts and when I don’t know the answer I bluntly state that they are unknowns. And when I state information as facts, unlike the majority of people that constantly quote and dispense questionable data and sources as facts, as repeatedly done by politicians, doctors and mass media during this current pandemic, I ensure to the greatest degree possible that the sources of my information are robust. I have repeated many times that iron sharpens iron. If you only follow news sources that report news with which you agree, if you only follow podcasters that state opinions with which you agree the majority of occasions, and if you only follow people on social media that reinforce your beliefs, this is a formula for stupidity as never being challenged in one’s beliefs leads to delusion, not truth.  In order to become better critical thinkers, we must consistently engage in challenging and analyzing our beliefs. For myself, living in four different countries thus far, has opened my thinking to perspectives I never was able to see when I was only living in the United States, and the experience definitely increased my critical thinking skills and intellect.

Of course, you may disagree with some things I state in my podcasts. In fact, I would expect you, if you are a critical thinker, to disagree with some things I state in my podcasts about which I hold strong opinions. To expect you, even if we think alike in many areas, to hold the same beliefs as me on everything is pure insanity. However, you should never just believe the information I disseminate of which you already agree and never just dismiss the information I present of which you disagree. That would be just as horrible a habit as agreeing or disagreeing with everything I state in the podcasts I upload to my YouTube channel. Instead, you should always perform some additional research on your own about all the topics I present, and then use your own critical thought processes and the critical framework you have developed, and hopefully sharpened every year, to either believe or dismiss the things I state. Of course there are horrible versus wonderful methodologies in which to vet information to which you are exposed. When I launch my full online learning academy, skwealthacademy, I will teach you the proper way to vet information to discover if it is true or not, for if your vetting process is non-robust, then it is useless.

For example, though there are multiple methods of vetting information that are horrible, one of the many horrible ways is simply believing information that has mass distribution versus ignoring information as non-credible that is distributed independently with a much smaller readership or viewer base. The moment I discovered that truth was dangerous was when I was given lots of attention by powerful organizations at a time when I had very few followers on any news platform. In fact, back in 2008, when I was frequently speaking about gold and silver price manipulation schemes of bankers to suppress precious metal prices, there was literally no one in the mass media addressing this issue and I was likely one of perhaps a few in the entire world in the independent media speaking frequently in private with my clients and occasionally publicly  about these issues through my news site, which I started in 2006.

However, before I continue, I want to acknowledge the original purveyors of this information, GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee, whose groundbreaking, seminal work on gold price manipulation inspired me to start my own independent research into the matter of banker artificially engineered price dumps in gold around 2006. So please visit their website, gata.org and support them if you can with financial donations, as the people at this organization have been working for decades to help enlighten us all about matters of sound money and the fraud of global gold price setting mechanisms.

In any event, I contacted a commissioner at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) back in 2008 and presented research to him, asking him to please explain the massive price discrepancies between derivative gold prices in China earlier in the day and then in New York after gold futures markets opened later that day. I presented at least a dozen cases to him in which the derivative gold prices between morning in Asia and the subsequent morning in America differed by massive margins, with these intraday price differences happening 100% of the time on waterfall gold price declines in NY at nearly exactly 8:30 AM on zero significant news about global gold demand, supply or production. I asked the CFTC commissioner if one troy ounce of gold in China was somehow a different metal than one troy ounce of gold in New York, and if this chemical difference in composition between Chinese and NY gold, of which I was unaware, would explain the consistently lower intraday NY gold prices that materialized at precisely 8:30AM on multiple occasions that would suggest a rigged NY gold market. In fact, you may even interpret this 2008 research of mine as the precursor to my research last week regarding the great price divergences between paper and physical gold and silver that have materialized.

However, within fifteen minutes of sending my email, I received an email back from the CFTC commissioner from the commissioner’s blackberry (recall this was in 2008) lauding the great research I sent him and promising that he would discuss my research and my questions at the next CFTC meeting and provide me with an explanation for the massive differences in derivative gold prices in China and NY on an intraday basis. If you want to read the exact letter I sent to the CFTC commissioner as well as his response to me and my follow-up letter to him, I include all this material in my skwealthacademy courses (that will be launched soon). This was the point that I understood that truth is very dangerous to the people that run global financial markets on perception versus reality. Here I was, as a still relatively unknown analyst at that point and time, but my research conveyed that I understood that NY gold derivatives markets were rigged and fraudulent at a time very few were raising such questions. My acknowledgement of this rigging game sparked an immediate response from the most powerful commodity regulatory agency in the United States.

Secondly, after the CFTC commissioner contacted me, a World Bank employee soon contacted me (whose identity I confirmed through a video conference call) afterwards, followed by contact by an employee of an alphabet agency, to whom I did not reply, as anytime an alphabet agency employee contacts you and tells you that he wants to help you spread the truth, you should probably run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Now remember this all happened in just the third year of running my independent news site that I have now run for fifteen years, so nobody really knew who I was back then except for a handful of people in the online gold and silver community and perhaps a few other open-minded people that were willing to look at facts about gold and silver price mechanisms that the mass media constantly marginalized and dismissed as “conspiracy theories”.

Furthermore, we should never seek our information on the sole criteria of the number of subscribers or readers on the platform in which the information is delivered. Horribly inaccurate information is delivered all the time on platforms with millions of subscribers and vice versa. For example, in an interview a few years back, billionaire Eric Sprott, who made his fortune on precious metals investing, referenced watching a particular podcast of mine that had only received a few thousand views. In other words, some of the podcasts that I’ve posted in the past that  included some of the most vital information I’ve ever publicly posted were hardly viewed at all, but yet still viewed by some fairly powerful people that understood the value of the information I was posting.

Consequently, I discovered that truth was dangerous when powerful people involved in suppressing gold and silver prices started paying close attention to what I was saying at a time no one else in the world cared. I discovered that truth was dangerous when benevolent powerful players also sought out information I was dispensing at times on platforms with just a scattering of followers. And speaking of dangerous truths, future podcasts that I am going to post in coming weeks include my assessment of the real reasons a global lockdown was enforced by governments worldwide in response to this pandemic, a response that may end up killing more people by preventing them a source of income than would have perished from being infected by the virus. In addition, I have already recorded a podcast in which I discuss the billionaire fallacy. If such topics spark your curiosity, then be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you notice a sister channel simply called skwealthacademy, you will notice that channel that I painstakingly built to 30k subscribers six years ago and would likely have well over 100k subscribers had I been allowed to grow it organically, has since been discontinued. Let’s just say that the reasons I decided to discontinue that channel, with an already existing 30k subscriber base and to start a new channel entirely from scratch, though such a decision seems completely illogical, are very likely to be the exact reasons you suspect.

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discovering truth is dangerous

The Insidious Ever Pervasive and Expanding Perception Management Game

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a US policy adviser across multiple US administrations that inflicted some of the worst damage to the psyche of the global human population in history, once stated that “it is now infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people.” You may think that nobody would ever be willing to go on record with that statement but here is the proof. During the 2008 global financial crisis, then ex-Goldman Sachs CEO and US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson stated that the $850 US taxpayer funded bailout that he was seeking was necessary not to actually fix the rotting infrastructure of the US financial and banking system, but just to, in his words restore the confidence of the American public in US stock markets. If one only pumped up American confidence in US stock markets without actually fixing the problems that led to the crash, the stock markets could eventually bottom and start to rise again. And this is the problem with our current reality. Bankers and politicians are constantly fighting a perception management war against us, and never fixing problems but only presenting an illusion that they fix problems while they never do. And to update Brzezinski’s statement above for the modern age, it is far more efficient, far less time consuming and requires far less effort to engage a million of us in a management perception game to control our behaviors than to control our behaviors by altering our reality.

And the same players have been using the same blueprint of perception management for centuries rolled out this same blueprint during Q1 2020, when they falsely blamed crashing global stock markets on the coronavirus pandemic, just as I predicted would happen here.  The platform of managing perception rather than to manage our reality is so pervasive that it invades nearly every aspect of our lives from money and banking, to stock markets, to real estate markets to schooling and education to even entertainment.

I recommend that (1) we all try to spin this negative consequence of being locked down in our homes into a positive event to update our hard drive and operating systems, of which I already uploaded two of the three podcasts in this series in the links below. Furthermore, I recommend that (2)  for those of us interested in shattering the perception management matrix in which we have been entrapped to immediately turn off the television and to stop consuming mass media news, because the percentage of truth in that forum is very minute. To escape the perception management game that has infiltrated nearly every aspect of society, we must first be able to identify it to escape its clutches.  To learn my suggestions for doing so, and also to hear a much longer discourse about this topic, please click the image below. Also if you would like to hear how completely managed our perceptions are by the State regarding even this pandemic, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here to be notified about my upcoming podcast about this topic. To watch a podcast version of the Perception Management Game click the below image.

the game of perception management

Podcast timeline: 3:05, Politics and War; 11:00 Money and Banking; 25:50 State Surveillance. China v. Tech Companies; 29:33 Education, Employment and Financial Markets; 36:13 UFC/MMA

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