Tips for Surviving the Second Phase of this Global Economic Crisis and Future Financial Armageddon

The two below videos pretty much sum up what I have to say so I will not add too much here other than the following couple of points. Number one, please note that while the first video is new, the second video below is a couple of years old and the contest giveaway promotion is no longer valid.

Secondly, for the minority of people out there that will continue to make the ridiculous assertion that the gloom and doomers are slowing the recovery of the economy with our persistent realistic take on the global economy, please note my following preemptive rebuttal. Firstly, I prefer the label “realist” as a more apropos label than “gloom and doomer”. Most of us that have remained realists for the past six years or so have a very public track record through public blog posts and public interviews. I guarantee that if you check our track records versus the so-called “professionals” and eternal, rose-colored tinted glass-wearing optimists like Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Barry Knapp (Barcalys Capital), Liz Ann Sonders (Charles Schwab), Abby Joseph Cohen (Goldman Sachs), Ben Bernanke etal, we have a far superior track record of being right at a very high percentage regarding our macro-economic calls while the aforementioned list has been wrong in nearly every single one of their incessant calls for stock & real estate market recoveries and employment statistics for six years straight.

Thirdly, for six years straight, the millions that follow and believe mainstream media’s outlook regarding the global economy have attributed gold and silver advocates’ positive outlook on gold and silver over this time frame to a desire to “sell our book.” However, I have never been a gold and silver dealer. Thus, the only ones that have benefited from my strong advocacy of gold and silver over the past decade have been my clients and independent bullion dealers with whom I have no connection nor from whom I receive even the slightest amount of commission. I have no “book to sell” in this regard.

Video: How to Survive Financial Armageddon

Video: How to Survive Financial Armageddon, Part 2

In fact, from June 2007 until January 2012, my Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter has returned a cumulative +202.22% to my clients versus the +45.15% return of the benchmark PHLX Gold/Silver Sector Index, and has outperformed the S&P 500, the FTSE 100 and the ASX 200 each by +216% to +232% during the same investment period. Thus, I prefer to view myself not as a “gloom and doomer” by any means but as a realist that attempts to construct as honest and realistic outlook of the global economy as possible so that my clients can take adequate and concrete measures to preserve and build real wealth given the still horrendous economic outlook for the next several years.

About the author:
JS Kim is the Chief Investment Strategist & Founder of maalamalama, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm dedicated to exposing the fraud of Wall Street and the best ways to invest in gold and silver.

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