Why TikTok Millenials Should Cease Robinhood Day Trading

Below find the latest skwealthacademy podcast regarding why tik tok millennials with zero trading experience are very likely to find themselves in a world of hurt if they continue executing Robinhood day trading schemes when the momo trading that has allowed beginners to reap some large profits solely based upon luck eventually collapses. No one should ever find themselves in the same position as the Robinhood day trading 20-year old that committed suicide after a glitch in the Robinhood software mistakenly informed him that he was sitting on $730,000 losses, because anyone that avoids trading on margin should understand that their maximum losses are capped at the amount they committed to  a trade.  There are so many absurd narratives being forwarded by Robinhood day trading millenials on TikTok that have no experience in trading provided to other Robinhood day trading millenials that don’t have enough experience to recognize the absurdities being sold to them and that praise the absurdities as “solid, easy to understand advice.” I say this not as an Ivy League graduate with two master degrees including an MBA that worked for a Wall Street firm, because frankly, all of that is worth nearly nothing in understanding what drives stock prices in markets.

I say this as someone with over two decades of self-education that studied the influence of HFT algorithsm, FOMC announcements, spoofing tactics, quote stuffing, dark pools, pulling bids, low liquidity spoofing, multiple observations of banker manipulation of option bid and ask prices in real time, etc. – in other words, all the things that drive pricing in the real world that no MBA program professor will ever teach you. To all the Robinhood day traders that have adequate trading experience and adequate options strategies experience, carry on. To all the other Robinhood day traders that believe all the stories about get rich quick stories by other Robinhood day traders, heed the warning that what seems too good to be true is always too good to be true.

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