The Upside Down World of Banker Speak (Interest Rates, Cryptos, Precious Metals and More)

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Any time Banker Speak blares headlines of this “can’t” be done, this “can’t” be banned, this “won’t” ever happen, in laymen terms, the headlines, most times, are predicting what “will” happen in the future.

For example, just look at a very cursory example of the laundry list of “can’t”, “won’t”, “not”. or some iteration of this Banker Speak, in the below financial articles that multiplied on financial websites over the past few months to couple years:

“Why the West Can’t Ban Bitcoin”

Top 10 Reasons the US Economy Won’t Collapse

China Can’t Afford to Dump US Treasuries

7 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy is Not the Answer

Why Harsh Covid Lockdowns are Good for the Economy

US Fed Chair Powell Says Inflation May Rise, But Won’t Stay in 2021

Though the above is just a tiny sampling of all the “can’t”, “won’t”, and “no” banker speak finance articles that comprise propaganda designed to keep the masses calm and obedient, the reality is the exact opposite of these headlines. In fact, over the past year, I’ve published articles that have explained in meticulous detail exactly why the opposite claims of the above headlines are true. To save time, I won’t rehash all those explanations here but I will reprint some portions below with links to the full articles.

In regard to US Central Bank Chairman Jerome Powell stating that higher rates of burgeoning inflation will not last, by now, everyone that has not been living under a rock understands the complete disingenuous nature of “official” BLS inflation statistics that understate real rates of inflation by multiple factors. Even despite the constant barrage of inflation propaganda statistics released by bankers and distributed by the mass media, I published an article this past July in which I stated,

“Soaring commodity prices and food prices along with continuing rolling global lockdowns, unlikely to end until 2023 at the earliest, that impede the ability of the hundreds of millions around the world that most desperately need to work to purchase food, are a lethal combination for creating mass hunger and starvation… If we observe the prices of the three food staples of the entire world, two of them, wheat and corn, have respectively soared more than 40% and nearly doubled in price, with only one of the world’s food staples, rice, actually lower in price from last July. However, the fact that the price of rice, a staple of daily food on the Asian and African continent, has dropped, does not mean rice is cheap. Rice dropped 9.6% yoy from last year while wheat and corn prices soared, because from 2019 to 2022, the price of rice soared more than 100%. Consequently, rice’s twelve-month rolling price drop is highly misleading as the price of wheat, maize and rice have all soared when compared to their prices from two to three years ago.” (Click here to read this full article).

I rebutted the nonsense that harsh past and still ongoing Covid lockdowns that prevented people from working and that pushed hundreds of millions around the world to the brink of death from starvation are, in banker speak, “good for the economy”, in two critical podcasts. In this podcast here, I discussed the contents of oligarch-disclosed documents that revealed the true intent of their deployed lockdowns all over the world. In this second podcast , I revealed the major undisclosed super important financial purpose of these lockdowns.  Certainly the implementation of harsh Covid lockdowns, tragic for billions, was not “good for the economy” or for the financial status of the common man and women, but they performed an amazing job in regard to massively increasing the wealth of the world’s richest people.

In regard to Banker Speak of “China Can’t Dump US Treasuries”, simply because China owns the second largest amount of foreign-held US Treasury debt (after Japan), the conclusion of China’s hands being tied in dumping more US Treasuries is more than naïve. Though we’ve all seen the charts of foreign ownership of US Treasury debt that display China as the second largest holder of US Treasury debt, these charts are somewhat misleading. Even though theses charts are accurately labeled as only foreign holdings of US Treasury debt (most of the time), rarely do we ever see charts of overall ownership of US Treasury debt published.

If we did, we wouldn’t be misled into believing China’s ownership of US Treasury debt, at barely over a trillion, is such a massive amount that a loss of most of this Treasury debt from the sovereign books of China would be devastating. If domestic and Central Bank ownership of US Treasury debt were included in the most widely distributed US Treasury debt ownership pie charts we viewed, then it would become patently clear that this often excluded sector from US Treasury debt holdings data holds the most US Treasury debt (according to the 2021 Economic Report of the President). Often because foreign ownership charts of US Treasury debt are widely distributed, many do not realize that the US  Central Bank holds the largest slice of the pie at a ridiculous 38.5% of all US Treasury debt. Furthermore, as a percent of the total pie, at $1T of UST holdings, China only holds 3.7% of all outstanding UST debt, if this data is even accurate.

What do I question the accuracy of this data? Well, only the US Treasury/US government/US bank cartel and the Chinese government know if the reported $1T of UST debt is accurate. If the Chinese government has been quietly dumping US Treasury bonds and not reporting these actions, then the US Treasury would have no incentive to accurately report China’s aggressive continuing selling of their US Treasury debt, as doing so would only cause a domino effect and other nations, like Japan, to dump their US Treasury debt as well. Since no rational person believes that any of the top 10 nations with the largest gold reserve holdings actually report their holdings in an aboveboard and honest manner, then why should we assume that US Treasury debt holdings are reported honestly as well? The short answer is that we should not and that it would be completely unsurprising one day if we discover the real US Treasury debt holdings of China are only a fraction of what is publicly reported to us.

In regard to “Nuclear Energy is Not the Answer”, I would only partially agree with this since I believe the much safer, greener technology of Molten Salt Liquid Reactors (MSLRs) is the answer. However, since functionality of large scale MSLRs that can provide most of a nation’s electricity demand seems to be many years away, for now, more conventional nuclear energy likely is the answer. I explore this topic in much depth here, in a half-hour long podcast I published this past May in which I identified a handful of my favorite investment assets in the uranium arena, for those interested in this topic.

In response to the Banker Speak of “Why the West Can’t Ban Bitcoin” as the argument for why Bitcoin will forever be part of the global economy moving forward, the Western banking cartel has never been able to ban gold mining either, but obviously has abolished the open use of physical gold as money in every major economy in the world as a monetary medium to buy goods and services. Banning the existence of a money versus completely disabling its use in the global economy are two different things and the latter is most definitely possible. In any event, I discuss in much greater detail here, here and here why this is true. Even if my past theories are incorrect about Bitcoin being a banker Trojan Horse to suppress gold prices and divert money flow away from gold, there can be little argument that bankers have been delighted with exactly this consequence of the rise in BTC’s popularity.

In regard to the Banker Speak of “Top 10 Reasons the US Economy Won’t Collapse”, I’ve published at least two dozen articles in the past year, too numerous to mention here, on my news site, so merely visit my news site if you want to read all those articles. Three months ago, on this site, I published an article detailing the struggles of the everyday man and woman in America to make rent and keep a roof over their heads:

“In Los Angeles, at the start of 2020, there were 66,000 homeless. The 2021 census of homeless in LA was cancelled due to virus inspired lockdowns, but it would not be beyond belief to estimate that in 2020 and 2021, an additional 14,000 were added to the homeless roll in LA to bring the total 2020 starting number up to 80,000. And with the eviction moratorium ending, a further estimate of 20,000 more homeless in a city as big as Los Angeles is probably idealistically optimistic. Still, these minimal estimates would bring the total number of homeless in LA up to six figures, and over 100,000 people, a completely reprehensible figure.”

If homeless numbers in LA that may approach 100,000 either by the end of this year or by the first half of next year aren’t indicative of a US economy that already collapsed, I don’t know what is.

Finally, when bankers are saying “Gold is dead!” and “Silver is dead!” , in Banker Speak, this is a raging endorsement to buy physical gold and silver by the stacks at the end of this month.

J. Kim

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