Science as a Candle in the Dark: How the Oligarchs Fooled Us into Rejecting Science and Embracing Lies

science as a candle in the dark

It has been a while since I had read Carl Sagan’s, The Demon Haunted World, Science as a Candle in the Dark. Bewildered by dozens of discussions I’ve had with others about these ongoing lockdowns during the entirety of the last year and half that have prevented me from returning home, I decided it was time to revisit this book in an attempt to understand how scientific facts could be so universally rejected all around the world in favor of complete falsehoods and misinformation spread by the oligarchs. I wanted to understand how millions of people could be so easily fooled into rejecting scientific facts that clearly and quite vehemently disputed all mandates being ordered by oligarchs, from constricting our ability to move around on planet earth on a macro level to preventing  socialization with our friends on a micro level. As a trained scientist on an academic level (with a degree in neurobiology), I wondered how could this deception be so openly transparent to me and to thousands of others, but completely disregarded by tens of millions? I asked myself, “Are the majority of people on planet Earth really this intellectually disinterested to have no desire to uncover the truth about our situation?”

In refreshing my memory with the preface to The Demon Haunted World, I was immediately reminded of why science often remains shrouded in the fog of a (propaganda) war and is as easy to suppress as gold and silver prices are for bankers in New York futures markets.  Dr. Sagan noted, in an university class he had attended as a young adult: “Ptolemy’s view that the Sun revolved around the Earth was presented so compellingly that some students found themselves re-evaluating their commitment to Copernicus.”  Furthermore, just a few more pages along in the first few pages of Chapter 1, Sagan discussed recent surveys he had encountered that estimated the level of scientific illiteracy among Americans at 95%. If this rate of scientific illiteracy extended to the rest of the global population, that could explain how I could speak to 50 people and meet not a single person whose beliefs about this pandemic were actually based upon science instead of artificially manufactured narratives by the oligarchs that were non-credible when viewed through the lens of science. Indeed, science as a candle in the dark had become the fate of the world’s population.

I have often stated in my recent podcasts posted on my Rokfin platform here, that one of my greatest concerns, time and time again, has been born from meeting people that present a Strawman “appeal to authority” argument when I challenge their beliefs with a scientific fact-based argument that opposes the dozens of false narrative presented by politically appointed health organization leaders and doctors. The constant rebuttal I always hear, which is never a valid rebuttal, is a statement akin to, “Oh, so you think you know more than _________ (insert name of appointed expert here)? I think I will believe what the experts are telling me to believe over you.” In issuing such blind statements of obedience to authoritative narratives, I have never heard, not once, any expressed curiosity in response to my presentation of scientific evidence, previously unbeknownst to them, or any thoughtful questions designed to further vet or disprove the presented evidence.

I have never even heard once the feeblest of efforts to ever rebut my arguments with any presentation of scientific facts that they think may disprove my argument. Nor has there ever been any consideration that their position may be the wrong one, not even for the most fleeting of moments. Instead, I’ve only heard fierce “appeal to authority” arguments repeated with nauseating frequency, as if such a hollow argument had been pre-programmed into their DNA while they were just a fetus in their mother’s womb. Only we know that such explanations to such an astounding similarly encountered response amongst so many is non-credible, as such beliefs can only have been born at some point within the past year and a half, when the oligarchs started seeding systemic misinformed beliefs that maximize fear in communities around the world. Disappointingly,  much like Stockholm syndrome victims, those that refuse to consider scientific facts to replace their misinformed beliefs merely vomit that if authorities have told them  information about the virus, then this information must always be unquestioningly consumed as true.

Worse yet, many have been duped by so-called scientific evidence that is not evidence at all due to their, as Carl Sagan, described it, “scientific illiteracy”. With so many lacking even a rudimentary  academic background in science, many do not understand concepts like scientific robustness and the importance of vetting the robustness of a methodology used to produce data. They further fail to understand that if data, as has been the case around the world in the production of infection and death numbers, were gathered using a non-scientifically robust methodology, then this data must be immediately discarded as non-credible and invalid. Instead, there often is a complete lack of discernment and blind acceptance of all presented data, regardless of a complete absence of credible scientific methodology utilized in the collection of data. As long as the reporting source is perceived to be credible and authoritative, tens of millions of people blindly consume such data and information as infallible.  This is why, for the past 18-months, many of you, I’m sure, have been subjected to listening to people babble on about how all their beliefs of the pandemic are correct because “experts” are the ones that have provided this information.

To counter such ignorance, I have uploaded many videos on my Rokfin platform about the necessity of a rigorous scientific approach to separate truth from misinformation, as the data reported by the oligarchs is firmly on the side of misinformation. To further the propagation of truth in our war of propaganda, I’ve discussed the absurdity of tens of millions of people discarding the most eminently qualified voices in the field of virology, two Nobel prize winning scientists that were awarded top accolades and recognition for their work in this field, in order to embrace the propaganda forwarded by the oligarchs’ appointed “experts”. The “experts” being upheld as such by politicians and the oligarchs could not hold a candle in the dark to the knowledge of eminent scientists being slandered as kooks simply because their voices dissent from the false narratives the oligarchs have created to maximize fear among the global population.

To listen to my podcast in full for free about this topic, in which I explore how the oligarchs have accomplished this feat, as well as claims by one of the most eminent voices in virology about potential serious problems with the novel viral drug we’ve been told is “safe” that I’m sure the majority of you have never heard, simply click here and sign up for a free account. The video, titled “How the Oligarchs Fooled Us into Dismissing the World’s Pre-eminent Virologists”, will be uploaded within a few hours.

J. Kim

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