The Ugly Immoral Manifesto of Social Media Platforms

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Many social media executives go on public relations tours and state all the right things in an effort to hide the ugly immoral manifesto of social media platforms.

The start of the new year has been interesting to say the least. Already, some of my predicted trends for 2021 have manifested strongly to begin the year (to hear the details of my predicted trends, consider supporting me at patron and listen to the January 2021, Trends for 2021 Patron Only Podcast). One of my predicted 2021 trends was an explosion of BTC prices higher from its price of $18,700 at the time I issued my prediction here to $40,000 in 2021. The prediction I issued in Q4 2021 has almost come true already, as BTC prices have just breached $37,000. If you want to know what my thoughts are about BTC the rest of the year, then become a patron. The second of my predicted trends for this year that is already strongly manifesting is an increasing throttling of freedom of speech by the ruling class as they seek legislation to regulate free speech, meaning censorship of anything that opposes their narrative about anything, whether it is political opposition or opposition to the vaccination certificates they seek as mandatory requirements to travel globally or even domestically.

Whether or not you support a person’s views or not, especially when views merely represent a view different than the consensus in a non-violent and peaceful manner, whether right or wrong, anyone that values liberty and freedom should advocate for that person’s right to speak and not be muzzled. Recently Twitter deleted several of US President Trump’s tweets, locked his account, and threated to permanently ban his account. While I am not a fan of Mr. Trump, and not a fan of any incumbent President or Prime Minister in the entire world at this time, this does not supersede his right to voice opinions, right or wrong, that are opposed by the owners of these social media platforms. Why?

The answer is simple. Twitter, just like Facebook and Google, that are so fond of shadowbanning, censoring and deleting accounts on their platforms that dissent to any narratives the mass media and the ruling class forward, are not news services. They are either technology platforms (Google) or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so for owners at these companies to decide what can be heard and what will be muzzled on these platforms is tantamount to bar owners and restaurant owners (well, at least the ones that the ruling class has allowed to survive) kicking people out of their establishment for voicing a view in a dinner conversation to which they disagree. Can you imagine if restaurant owners walked around their dining area, eavesdropped on all of their patrons’ conversations, and kicked out all patrons that voiced views that opposed their own? Such a policy, one widely adopted by Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, would result in half of their customers being thrown out of restaurants every night.

I’ve also considered the opposition view that social media platforms, because they are private entities, have the right to censor and muzzle whomever they want, especially people with whom they disagree. Here’s why this is a weak and immoral argument. Private entities whose customer base is global do not have the right to violate people’s civil liberties and to silence dissent to majority, consensus views, as  (1) the right to maintain freedom of speech is undoubtedly one of the most sacred of freedoms and liberties; and (2) due to the blitz of mass media propaganda, quite often, the majority, consensus view has been proven to be wrong.  

A restaurant is a private business, but were they to post signs that state “No Blacks, Asians and Latinos Allowed”, regulatory and legislative institutions would intervene and heavily fine such businesses. Consequently, Congressmen and Parliament Members all around the world must decide if social media platforms are what their owners claim them to be – social media platforms – and consequently shut down and heavily fine all social media platforms that censor free speech as it is not in the jurisdiction of the social media platform owners to do so. Or politicians must  regulate all social media platforms as news agencies, and ensure that all people, including fellow politicians, doctors, and CEOs that spread misinformation are also banned, and allow people that are unfairly banned to sue the social media platform owners for muzzling freedom of speech and civil rights violations.  

Let me provide you with a simple case. At the end of 2020, Twitter banned my account that I had opened more than ten years ago. Though they provided no explanation as to why they banned my account and refused to any of my inquiries, since they banned it shortly after I passed on a link to an article that questioned the robustness, accuracy and credibility of the most widely used diagnostic test, the polymerase chain reaction test, for the SARS 2 virus, that is being used to report massive numbers of infected people worldwide, and that was only one of a couple tweets I posted over a two week span before Twitter banned my account, it’s fairly safe to deduce that Twitter banned my account because either the CEO of Twitter, or some high level executive felt that my tweet was passing on “fake news” to my followers. There is a litany of problems with allowing Twitter to ban my account because they disagreed with the information I forwarded.

Number one, I referenced a link to an article that quoted that the Nobel prize winning scientist that invented the polymerase chain reaction test stated that it “never” should be used to positively diagnose a SARS 2 infection though it’s being used precisely to do so hundreds of thousands of times around the world at the current time. Consequently, if the inventor of a test being used to lockdown the world a second time states that the test is being misused, at a minimum, this is a newsworthy article that deserves as much exposure as possible, not one that should be censored. Secondly, even if the inventor of the test was wrong about his assessment that the number one most widely used diagnostic test for SARS 2 should never be used to positively diagnose anyone as being infected with SARS 2, people still deserve an opportunity to read the link and decide for themselves whether or not they agree or disagree with the inventor of the test, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey should never be allowed to be the gatekeeper of information that users of his platform are allowed to access. Thirdly, it was literally impossible for the link I tweeted to be “fake news” because no evidence existed at the time I tweeted it that the information was wrong.

Therefore, no social media platform executives should be allowed to not only remove social media posts just because they disagree with the information contained within a post, without it ever being proven false, they should never be allowed to shut down and lockdown my account, as Twitter executives did. Fourthly, just a week or so after Twitter executives decided my tweet was so “dangerous” that they had to delete my tweet and lockdown my account (it is still locked down), both the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization confirmed the information in my tweet, stating here and here, that the polymerase chain reaction test was vulnerable to producing wrong infection results and false positives. In my opinion, their apologies were not even worded strongly enough because they only admitted that the inventor of the polymerase reaction test was correct in that it produced inaccurate results, but refused to admit that it likely produced a high rate of false positive results due to the fact the test was not invented to make specific diagnoses for specific viruses, which is the reality. Fifthly, even if the US FDA and the World Health Organization did not issue their mea culpas, which frankly, was quite shocking, and did not prove to Twitter that the tweet for which they banned my account was not “fake news” as they assessed but the truth, social media platforms still need to be regulated to the standards of news agencies and their power to arbitrarily restrict certain news from reaching their users needs to be reined in immediately.

Will the above ever happen and will the ruling class ever regulate social media networks tyrannical censorship of free speech? Since these social media networks always forward their narratives and censor dissent, of course not. It doesn’t matter that the information I forwarded was correct and that the WHO and the CDC forwarded false information about the number of people infected with SARS 2 due to the abuse of a faulty test. Social media platforms still have not shut down the accounts of institutions that promoted false narratives for over a year while still refusing to reinstate the accounts of people intent on disseminating truth, even if such actions lead to censorship and removal of accounts. And even if government regulates social media platforms, we have to monitor the regulation and ensure that they are regulating them in a manner that promotes free speech instead of promotes only State narratives, which is a legitimate concern of State regulation of social media platforms. For example, in this link, the Indian government states that it will now regulate online news platforms, but whether this is to the benefit or detriment of its citizens is yet to be determined.  Given the many questionable and unethical actions of the Modi administration up to this point, were I to guess, I would guess that the State regulation of online news platforms would be used to the detriment of the people.

And this is why I always appeal to my community to please spread the links of this website, my podbean podcast, and my patreon and gofundme accounts to all of your friends, colleagues and family that believe staying informed is a vital pillar to our future ability to retake our freedom. My news site and my podcast are completely free, so that requires minimal effort to spread the word as the only way my truth can reach more people, since social media platforms constant shadowban, throttle and lock my accounts, is for you to spread the word. Secondly, please go to my website at the link above and subscribe to my free newsletter. Thirdly, I only mention my patreon and gofundme accounts frequently because this community is literally the financial backbone of all the free content I provide and without the support of this awesome community, which is still small and I hope will grow just a little bit more today, it is impossible for me to spend the necessary requisite time researching and producing all the free content I upload to the internet.

J. Kim

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