The Story of Our Enslavement

For those of you that have followed my writings for the past 7 years on my blog, theUndergroundInvestor, you are well aware that I have been advocating conversion of the majority of fiat currency savings into physical gold and physical silver as a means of combating the system of financial enslavement that the bankers have tried to impose upon the people in every country around the world. The bankers are now entering the second phase of their enslavement through the imposition of austerity measures on people that can least afford this imposition. Though we, at maalamalama, have been advocating the purchase of physical gold and physical silver since the mid-2000s as a means of destroying the monetary slavery system of the global bankers, very few of those that have read my arguments still understand why this is a viable approach to gaining freedom from the control of bankers. Thus, I have often thought about alternate ways to explain my arguments that may be easier for the masses in general to digest and grasp. At times, I have even provided short discourses that only deal with psychological enslavement in an attempt to free people’s minds from Central Banking propaganda that continues to enslave them (see my videos about ideological subversion below).


How Ideological Subversion Enables Financial Fraud, Part I

How Ideological Subversion Enables Financial Fraud, Part II

How Ideological Subversion Enables Financial Fraud, Part III


This week, I happened to stumble upon a video that I believe may be very helpful in convincing those people that have refused to open their minds to any of the views I have presented over the past 7 years, that they may indeed be engaging in destructive behaviors that are obedient to the very slave masters that they profess to fight. Interestingly enough, many objections to the truth that I’ve disseminated over the past 7 years, and the consequent faulty rationalizations of these objections, are presented and explained in the video below. I have outlined some of the most salient points of the below video, titled “The Story of Your Enslavement” in the numbered list below.


The Six Steps To Achieving Absolute Financial Enslavement of the People


(1) Indoctrinate the young through “government” education. To understand this fully, please visit this link and read Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” before this website is removed. Charlotte Iserbyt was a former Senior Policy Advisor at the US Department of Education turned whistleblower.

(2) Turn citizens against each other through the creation of “livestock” dependent upon their masters. Keep the livestock happy by presenting to them charades like fake illusions of choice in the form of national elections every 4-6 years. Use these fake illusions of choice to foster as much animosity among the livestock as possible. Foster fake concepts of freedom and pride like “nationalism” to divide and conquer. See the second video at the bottom of this page for more explanation.

(3) Get the cows to attack each other whenever anyone brings up the reality of their situation. See point (2) to understand how to turn the livestock against one another. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Convince people to bicker amongst each other about inconsequential matters such as fake divisions of polticial parties, loyalty to governments and nations instead of loyalty to morality and truth, and so on and so on. Accomplish this, and it will become unnecessary to spend significant money to control the cows and livestock.

(4) Ensure that the cows that have become dependent upon the stolen largesse of the farmers (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Parliaments, Congress, and at the top, world bankers and Central Bankers) will violently oppose any questioning of the virtue of human ownership. Dupe the intellectual and artistic classes, always and forever dependent upon the farmers, to admonish anyone that demands freedom from ownership, with the mantra: “You will harm your fellow cows!” to shame those that fight for freedom back into the feed line to keep eating their GMO foods and internalizing force-fed propaganda.

(5) Keep the livestock enclosed in the cages and unable to challenge the power of the farmers by shifting the moral responsibility for the destructiveness of the violent system to those that demand real freedom. See points (2) and (3) to understand why the cows will never ever unite to fight the farmers.

(6) Invent continual external threats to ensure that the frightened livestock cling to the protection of their farmers (i.e. the never-ending, poltically and financially, but not morally, motivated War on Drugs and War on Terror) and will continue to oppose any of their fellow cows that demand freedom from the farmers.


If you are one of those people that has never agreed with anything I’ve ever said for the past 7 years about the necessity of owning physical gold and physical silver as a means of attaining freedom from the money masters that control this world, then please watch the below video as I am sure that it will change the minds of some of the people, that up until now, have been unwilling to consider reality.


The Story of Your Enslavement


Is Nationalism Used to Divide and Conquer?


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