The REAL World Series of Poker is Going Down Right Now

Currently the REAL World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a currency war with far greater implications and consequences for every human being on earth than the one that plays out in Las Vegas every year. We have been warning people about the global Central Bank currency wars for 6 years on our blog now. Check out these articles I wrote in 2006 that warned people to get out of stock markets and stop listening to commercial investment firms’ retail investor mantra of buy and hold and to buy precious metals like gold below:

“The Days of Buy and Hold are Over”

“Gold’s Speculative Stigma is Unwarranted”


When I wrote these articles six years ago, many people mocked my stance on precious metals, stating that gold had already more than doubled from $250 to $580 at the time and that it was in a huge bubble that was on the verge of collapse (by the way, sound familiar to the same Western banking shill propaganda occurring just a few months ago?). Many people even commented on my articles and videos and stated that while I would foolishly lose money by investing in physical gold and silver, they would be happy to listen to their financial advisers and make loads of money in the LSE, S&P 500 and the ASX200. Well since I’ve launched my flagship precious-metals based investment newsletter, the Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter, on June 15, 2007, our newsletter has returned a cumulative yield of +193.66% as of October 31, 2012. And what about the buy and hold global stock market investors? In that same investment period, the US S&P 500 has returned -7.99%, the FTSE 100, -14.10% and the ASX200 -26.77%. And what about gold and silver indexes like the Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index? During that same investment period, the Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index returned +35.92%, crushing the performance of all major developed stock market indexes, but still greatly underperforming our investment newsletter. Why? Because even with gold and silver mining stocks, we exit and re-enter every year because banker raids of gold and silver dictate that we cannot just buy and hold. Buy and hold silver and gold mining stocks, and you would still have a not too shabby +35.92% yield over the last six years. But exit and strategically re-enter, and you end up with a +193.66% yield instead.


Since so few people today still understand that Central Banks are playing a massive World Series of Poker game right now that may forever negatively alter people’s lives, I am still trying to write articles to warn people today:


“The Hunger Games: How Gold and Silver Will Save You From Soaring Food Prices”

“The Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System”


Obviously, our timing every year is not perfect as that is impossible. And yes, we did commit a key strategic mistake in 2008 that turned a strongly positive 20%+ yearly yield heading into Q4 2008 into a barely positive yield of only +3.21% at year-end in a year when all the major developed stock markets lost -30% to -40%. But one thing we have learned over the past decade is how to assess the fraud and manipulation in gold and silver markets much better since 2008. Since that time, we have not repeated the mistake we made that year. So yes, maybe we should be outperforming all the major stock market indexes by well over 300% now but we would like to believe that our very significant 200% plus outperformance of all the major commercial investment firm yields over this same time period is not too shabby. And what’s to thank for this? Our resolute and unwavering belief in gold and silver and our understanding of the Western Central banks’ currency wars.


Furthermore, not only are Central Banks engaging in this World Series of Poker, but the largest commercial investment firms in the world are currently engaging in the World Series of Poker using your money to do it. Some of the largest firms that tried to discredit the articles we wrote above in 2006 about gold and silver being the most solid assets one could own because it hurt their ability to sell their clients into the horrid and fraudulently rigged global developed stock markets are now writing pro-gold and pro-silver articles that are attempting to fool you a second time by selling you a false story that they are “on your side”. If you’re unsure of whether your firm is one you can trust or not, merely Google “(write in the firm’s name here), gold, silver, 2006, 2007” and investigate what they were saying about gold and silver back then. If you find that they said nothing, then either they were saying nothing or have purged everything they said about gold and silver back then from the internet. Either result is a bad sign. If they said very negative things about gold and silver and now have flip-flopped about gold and silver, then they are merely trying to capitalize on the hard work of a few dozen to re-brand their financial services firm to be on the right side of PMs going forward (of course, we always have to credit whenever we speak of the tireless efforts to expose the Western banking gold and silver rigging games, as they are truly the pioneers of doing so that pre-dated everyone). Believe it or not, I have actually seen some firms that used to ridicule my accusations that gold and silver futures markets were severely rigged, now espousing articles today that the gold and silver markets are likely rigged, as if they have been the ones trying to promote this truth for years!


However, check out my communications with CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton four years ago when I sent him my research and concluded that the gold markets were being mercilessly rigged in the futures market to continue the Western banking ponzi scheme. Some of these Western banks that may still be involved in rigging gold and silver are now having their employees spout pro-gold and pro-silver messages for the first time ever recently and are only doing so to earn a buck from their clients while they have done NOTHING to try to stop the gold and silver manipulation. Ask yourself, do you really want to bank with such two-faced firms?

“JS Kim Uncovers Four Parallel Markets for Gold: Asia Futures, NY Futures, Physical Bullion, Physical Coins”


Finally, below, I discuss some of the truly relevant topics in the real World Series of Poker, such as physical PMs v. paper derivative PMs, the likely significant over-reporting of Western nations’ physical gold reserves and the likely significant under-reporting of Asian and Middle Eastern nations’ physical gold and silver reserves, the trouble the US is in by “leasing” their gold, the trouble other Western nations like Germany and Greece are in by not housing their gold domestically and much more in the video below. Fortunately, the actions of those trying to counter the insane Western banking cartel’s attempt to bankrupt their citizenry will provide a huge stumbling block to the implementation of purely digital money. Still, this does not preclude the need to take action right now to preserve your wealth.


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